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.: Freshcut Fabric :.

Friday already ^_^, wow time goes fast ladies...

I'm working on some clovers and some things for easter so I better hurry before time caches up with me lol, my bunny design is almost really I just need to add some details and then off to fabric they go.. :)

It is 12.09 pm and I'm craving DARK CHOCOLATE so so bad, but I only have some Japanese fuit chews in my sweets drawer :(, I may have to ask Willy to get some nice chocolate covered raisins or almonds for me mmm...., Chocolate helps me concentrate when Coffee just isn't enough.

Well since is Friday i got some nice Eye Candy for you --->


I got me some nice Freshcut
Fabric from this Etsy shop Luminus Threads


It was a really good deal I bought the 10 FQ pack and 1 whole yard of my favorite print and she gave me FREE SHIPPING + 1 Blue Vintage FQ totally FREE.
So I was very Happy ^_^


I just love Heather Bailey's Prints, the colors and how they combine with each other, I want to get a FQ or a yard of this print(above) in green it looks amazing, I already started using these beauties, I made a t-shirt for Scarlett (that's another post) and 1 fabric art piece I still have to finish the other one.

If you want to see some really nice fabrics and Craft Projects visit Heather Bailey's Blog Inspiration Guaranteed!! You will have fun.

Well I hope you have a great weekend, I have some designing to do :)
Take Care and
Have Fun ♥