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- Flowers Stars and Fabrics -

Hi! how are you?, I hope you're doing fine, I've been working on pending things, procrastinating on the urgent ones X_X , playing with Scarlett and eating to much ice ream, because it's been hotter than usual around here.

I'm also trying to organize all my pictures because they always end up in a mess and the library has grown to a size that I get lost between folders X_X so I need a better system to access everything easily.


Anyway, I haven't finished the motorcycle bag, I need some special metal buttons that I can't find anywhere, I hate it when things like this happen because I don't like to leave unfinished projects, so here are some pictures of a embroidered pouch and some lovely felt flowers I made with Scarltett like 2 years ago.


I just love this embroidery floss, the colors and the way they fade in a single line :), I don't know why i never got to show these pictures, I really love my funky star, if you want to see a wider view of the pouch and the embroidered star look at my flickr Here


Have you seen the new Pirate HK line? ohh It's adorable, I've looked for it at my local Sanrio store but they don't have it, so I had to swap with Moofin from flickr these cute stuff along with fabrics and other stationery she sent.I want to get me the HK Pirate plush, It's so darn cute.


And finally these are some of the fabrics I got the other day, I'm guessing they would look great on a small pincushion or as small squares on a patchwork pouch.

♥ Thinking of You ♥


Hello, I hope you're day is doing well, mine has been a bit hectic, I feel a little pressured today but at the same time exited because of the many changes that are occurring in my life lately, from re-formatting my computer to a really big important project that Willy and I are planning in Mexico, All these plus the projects and ventures I already had planned X_X , Most of the time I feel overwhelmed and I find myself searching for time to post an entry.

I wanted to take some pictures today, but it seems that Mr.Sun is hiding form me today :(, So I'll take them later.
Anyway someone sent me this Precious Postcard all the way from Australia and I want to tell that precious person that I think of her also and that I wish and hope for her to be Healthy and Happy :).


Thank You Nina pigeon_master, Your drawings are so cute, thanks for being so thoughtful, You Made my Day! ♥

Now let me show you some of new additions to my fabric collection --->

I got a yard of each at a small fabric store in Tecate (MX) a little town East Tijuana (MX), too bad they only had these two yards and some dirty scraps,But I had to take them.


I made these Spring Themed Buttons (badges) to complement a matchbox swap I'm gonna send next week this months theme is "Things With Wings" so I guess a butterfly and a ladybug is appropriate, they turned out cute! .

Well I have to go now, I hope to be around to post more often :)
Take Care ♥

Mmmm.. Cupcake Crochet

Yikes! It's Wednesday already !! I've been busy spending some time with Willy and Scarlett,making some buttons and arranging everything for the little swaps I'm gonna send at the end of month.
I'm also taking a lot of photos for the .: Secret Project:. I told you before,so many that my arms hurt lol but it doesn't matter because I'm very exited about everything.


I've also made some time to do this little fun project I wanted to do for a while lol a Yummy crocheted cupcake!, I found the link in the CRAFT blog and I thought It was a really cute idea!
If you want to make some here is the Cupcake Tutorial


Can't wait to make some more with these yarn I bought the other day in Tijuana ^_^, I think the soft pastel colors would look great and the best thing is that these new cupcakes are going to have sprinkles mmm... Yummy!


Also in the months that I was away from my blog I made three :: Wonderful Fabric Swaps :: with two super cool girls.


These are the fabrics I got from my swap with Christina, all flannels, I really like the all but my favorite prints are ; the Pink Skull and The Colorful Whales :)


I sent her these fabrics, two quarters of the Flower Polka Dot in two colors Pink and Orange, A cute kitty print, two more flowery prints and one blue groovy heavy canvas print ^_^ (one of my favorites), she really liked the swap :) so I'm happy, In my next post I'm gonna show you the other two Super Cool Swaps I made with Shanna :).

I think that's enough eye candy for today I hope you have a very .:Crafty Day:.
I'm off to work now
Take Care ♥

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