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If you haven't heard of this Flcikr is censoring accounts from Germany, Austria and Switzerland, this is very unfair because flickr refuses to give what these people paid for and only shows filtered images. EVERYONE WAS THE RIGHT OF EXPRESSION.
for more info and to join the cause visit
the Against Censorship Group
In Spanish
Grupo No a la Censura

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Si no han escuchado de esto, Flcikr esta censurndo cuentas de Alemania, Austria y Suiza esto es injusto porque flcikr se reusa a darle a la gente el servicio por el que pagaron y solo muestra imagenes filtradas a dichos usuarios. TODO EL MUNDO TIENE DERECHO A LA EXPRESION
para mas informacion y unirte ala protesta visita
for more info and to join the cause visit
the Against Censorship Group
in Spanish -->
Grupo No a la Censura

I ♥ Q-lia

Monday already!

How was your weekend? I had a hectic week and I did relax a bit yesterday, I missed Paper Toy Friday X_X, sorry about that but I was really busy, I promise you that this Friday is going to Rock!! You will love the Paper Toy I've be posting lol

There's no Mr. Sun today and I wanted to take some pictures, I don't like to take them in this kind of weather.

oh and how I miss sewing!! I have lots of nice fabric but no the time :( I hope this week I manage to take some time off to sew something ^_^, because I'm expecting some nice fabrics from Superbuzzy , so I'm all giddy.

Last week I took some pictures of my Q-lia mini memo Collection!! I wanted to share these cuties with you :)


I don't have a favorite, I love them all, How I wish they make Plush toy out of these Characters, they drive me nuts lol


I was procrastinating at Flickr the other day when it occurred to me that there was no Q-lia Group there only various dedicated to Kawaii goodies and other one exclusively to Kamio, so since I'm crazy for this brand I decided to make the ::Q-lia:: Group , So if you have some nice pictures of Q-lia Characters, stationery and other goodies don't forget to post then at the group pool, I'll love to see everyones photos there!!


I made this buttons for swaps and I plan to do other stuff with them soon as soon as I get my craft supplies in the mail ^_^, I cut some memo sheets to make them, I didn't want to but I guess it was worth it ^_^


Love the Kamio and Q-lia mushies, Witch one is your favorite???

Well enough Eye-Candy for today ♥ Gotta get back to work
keep crafting and Take Care!

PTF :: Lovely Birds ::

Yike's It's late!, but It's Still Friday , so here is the ::Paper Toy:: for Today


Flckr Birdies!! These are really easy to make just 5 minutes and You're all done!!, there really cute and their come in three colors so you can print your favorite, If you can't decide, don't worry print and assemble all three ^_^, Like I did --->


All designed by Flcikr Monkey, I discover this designer a while ago on Flickr when I printed his Monkey's you can see them here at This Monkey Post


He also has other cute animal :: Paper Toys :: available to download, After you've done making your own, share your lovely creation with other Fickr bird- monkey fans at the Flickr Monkey & Friends Pool

Well I hope you enjoy your weekend and remember to



Take Care ♥
See ya!!

.: Got Moo? :.


I got my FREE Skype Moo's the other day, all the way from London, and there really nice!! I wanted some of the Flickr ones but I didn't catch the promo on time :(, but these are cool also :), I'm thinking on getting some with my flickr pictures, love the size and the material.


Don't you just love their package design? really awesome


and the blue bubble a great space to say HI!!

If you haven't heard of them here's the link, check them out --->

In other news the weather isn't as hot as yesterday but still hot X_X makes my head hurt, well i'll go to work now, Have a great day!

Take Care ♥

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