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Swaps, Gifts and Posts

Wow it's cold over here, or maybe it's just me :), I woke up really early (4:30 am) to take Willy to the airport, he's going to the KDE conference at google , I'm still kind of sleepy and grateful that I'm gong to pick him up at 8 pm in a few days :).

ohh and I received my January Fat Quarter Swap the other day!! just look at these fabrics --->


I really liked this one, I had a generous partner, she also sent me lots of extras chocolate and tea :) I have more photos at My Flickr


Clarice surprised me with these wonderful stickers :) and some super cool double sided tape, I use it to make a paper toy yesterday and it rocks, I will need to find more of that tape later because something tells me that I'm going to run out of it soon.


I just love the aesthetic of the Zakka designer Shinzi Katoh I only have a this cup and the postcard Lili sent me, his fabric design is really something, so wonderful, I hope to keep collecting more of these wonderful items.


I had to post this wonderful Christmas gift, my friend Lili really knows me and pamper me all the time, she sent me a Decolello air freshener from Decole, the postcard and some cute plushies she made.
Scarlett took the plushies to her room :) her favorite if the bunny but she loves pigs also, Thank You My Friend.


I feel that I need to post more about my projects, I know that most of the time I post photos of swaps and parcels but that's because they really deserve a nice photo and a thank you :) maybe I need to write more often, so I can have space to show you the crafts I've made.

I've been experimenting with crochet again, I found a really nice brown cotton yarn and a smooth bamboo crochet hook :) let's see what happens.

Well I'm off to eat something, I need my coffee today

See ya tomorrow!

- Snail Mail - Received

How are you today??
I'm still quite sick and the darn weather isn't helping at all :( but ohh well.
Like I Posted before, these are the rest of the goodies I got in the mail the other day, I'm so in love with the Lucky Parcels


These are the ones I received, too bad I missed the Black & white one for this month, but I just sign up for the mushroom and flower theme swap for next month, Can't wait, If you want to check out these swap them visit the
Lucky Parcel Swap at Flickr


I got these lovely surprises from the Fat Quarter Fabric Swap at Flickr, I specially love the flowery print, such lovely details,My partner did an amazing job! THANKS!


And finally Look at this cool swap, My partner from the FAA Sponsor Fabric Swap at Flickr, She send such a pretty flannel FQ and lots of extra goodies, like the rad HK pin ^_^, This one totally made my day!

Well these are a lot of goodies for a day :), I got more mail yesterday! a lovely package from LiLi and other kawaii stuff.

Enjoy your day and
Take Care ♥