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.:: Danish Delight ::.

How is your morning?

Mine is dry and a bit hot, the weather is kinda weird it makes me want to make sushi for lunch mmm...

It's Thursday already and I need to go to he post office to send some pending parcels, one for LiLi and some small letters and envelopes, I hope I get the chance to do it today, or at least before Sunday.

Anyway, I wanted to show you the projects I've done in this post but instead you are going to see a very Special Danish Delight, I've received a wonderful parcel from Mette, she send me all this wonderful goodies that I couldn't post just one picture I had to dedicate a whole post to it.


First - the Pincushion-
oh yes, one of my favorite sewing tools, She made this wonderful cute pin cushion, this is no small pincushion but I would really like it bigger to use it as a pillow because it's so pretty. You can see more of her nice items here at the Erleperle Shop

Can you see all those fabrics? ohh she send me the nicest stash, full of color, can't wait to make something with them, I think I will use them for a patchwork craft, a pouch? another pincushion? we shall see.


Holiday trims,heart buttons,pincushion,colorful papers,Mini-Unikko fabric and the nicest orange chocolate I've ever tasted, Mette did her research, I just love this parcel.


These are the Stamps that came with the parcel, I really love the shapes and colors, I had to rip them off the box and now they are safe in my international stamps collection.


And the Coffee, I'm sorry to tell you that this yummy coffee is all gone :(, no more, not even for a small cup, Willy and I were crazy with this special treat, light body with a very strong taste, I haven't experienced that combination in a coffee here but it really works and now we are longing for more.

Well that's all, if you want to see more of Mette's wonderful goodies, check out her Erleperle Blog
she makes the cutest things :) and I love her Style, ohh and
-- THANKS A BUNCH FOR YOUR PARCEL--- I still need to send mine, but I'm taking my time to make it extra special.

This parcel reminds me of LiLi, she always sends me the nicest things,she must be psiquic because she always knows what I want and like, I'll post more of the goodies LiLi send me later

Well. I want sushi for lunch today so I better get moving

Enjoy your day!!

- Snail Mail - Received

How are you today??
I'm still quite sick and the darn weather isn't helping at all :( but ohh well.
Like I Posted before, these are the rest of the goodies I got in the mail the other day, I'm so in love with the Lucky Parcels


These are the ones I received, too bad I missed the Black & white one for this month, but I just sign up for the mushroom and flower theme swap for next month, Can't wait, If you want to check out these swap them visit the
Lucky Parcel Swap at Flickr


I got these lovely surprises from the Fat Quarter Fabric Swap at Flickr, I specially love the flowery print, such lovely details,My partner did an amazing job! THANKS!


And finally Look at this cool swap, My partner from the FAA Sponsor Fabric Swap at Flickr, She send such a pretty flannel FQ and lots of extra goodies, like the rad HK pin ^_^, This one totally made my day!

Well these are a lot of goodies for a day :), I got more mail yesterday! a lovely package from LiLi and other kawaii stuff.

Enjoy your day and
Take Care ♥

- Sent and Received -

It's Monday

I need to make me a to-do list after all that procrastinating I did last week, I hope to get my but back to work :), Yesterday we went to see the HP movie ^_^ I ate some really nice caramel popcorn and it was really nice , can't wait for the next movie.

I also received a lot of snail mail from:
Kat Aja Sujon from Nerthelands
Shiyu ^_^ From Singapore
Stick a Thing form Germany
Erin's Fat Quarters
and a super cool order from reprodepot

So thanks Guys, I'm going to email you really soon :)

I also want to wish a Happy Birthday to Jen ^_^ aka eatstars_, sorry I'm late but I sent you a letter last Thursday , email you pretty soon.

And here are some of the goodies I sent the other day ---->


Sweet Dolly pins :) they will make you smile while you sew


package sent to mama-bear my partner for the July :: Fat Quarter Swap ::, It's my first time swapping in this group, can't wait to get my FQ's , If you're interested in swapping fabrics here is the link for the Fat quarter Group


I sent these to Brazil to Alice, the first parcels got lost in the mail :(, I hope this one arrives to her safely.


And this is a Pack for the Lovely Erandi, Kawaii Stationery, some Amy Butler - Charm - quilting squares and a FQ among other things - I hope it arrives safely also this one is going to Guadalajara Mexico.

And as always to see more pictures check My Flickr

Enjoy your day , I'm gonna take those pictures :)
Take Care ♥

* If you're expecting an email reply, please bare with me, I will get to it soon soon soon ;)

:: Shipping Smiles ^_^ ::

Today seems to be cooler than Yesterday and that's great news for me, because I hate sewing when It's hot I always get all sweetie eww, I was sewing late at night and I'm almost done with the motorcycle bag, and let me say it's coming along great, Now I'm sewing the inner pockets and the straps and then star cutting the other bag, they're cute big and heavy and my arms hurt a bit for lifting it. I also made a precious pin cushion for the ::: Bag of Treats :: Swap I'm preparing, photos of that one soon ;).

Anyway here is what I'm sending to the :CRAFT Matchbox Swap: the theme for this month is - Fruity Craft Supplies-, as soon as I read the theme title i knew I had to join in because I love fruits.


I love apples and I couldn't pass out the opportunity to decorate the matchbox with juicy colorful apples :), this time I didn't paint the box just cover it with a pattern I printed.


Fabrics, ribbon, trims,beads,buttons,embroidery floss, a strawberry pincushion and other embellishments are in this little pack , I hope my partner likes it. I had lots of fun putting all these items together.


This is another pack I sent to moofin from flickr, this is just a peak because I added more things to the swap.

Today I'm gonna try and finish the motorcycle bag and another small bag I'm doing for a the Bag of treats swap :), I already cut the pieces form one of my favorite Japanese fabrics :), it's going to look so pretty. Well take Care and Enjoy the weather!

ta ta ..