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.:: Danish Delight ::.

How is your morning?

Mine is dry and a bit hot, the weather is kinda weird it makes me want to make sushi for lunch mmm...

It's Thursday already and I need to go to he post office to send some pending parcels, one for LiLi and some small letters and envelopes, I hope I get the chance to do it today, or at least before Sunday.

Anyway, I wanted to show you the projects I've done in this post but instead you are going to see a very Special Danish Delight, I've received a wonderful parcel from Mette, she send me all this wonderful goodies that I couldn't post just one picture I had to dedicate a whole post to it.


First - the Pincushion-
oh yes, one of my favorite sewing tools, She made this wonderful cute pin cushion, this is no small pincushion but I would really like it bigger to use it as a pillow because it's so pretty. You can see more of her nice items here at the Erleperle Shop

Can you see all those fabrics? ohh she send me the nicest stash, full of color, can't wait to make something with them, I think I will use them for a patchwork craft, a pouch? another pincushion? we shall see.


Holiday trims,heart buttons,pincushion,colorful papers,Mini-Unikko fabric and the nicest orange chocolate I've ever tasted, Mette did her research, I just love this parcel.


These are the Stamps that came with the parcel, I really love the shapes and colors, I had to rip them off the box and now they are safe in my international stamps collection.


And the Coffee, I'm sorry to tell you that this yummy coffee is all gone :(, no more, not even for a small cup, Willy and I were crazy with this special treat, light body with a very strong taste, I haven't experienced that combination in a coffee here but it really works and now we are longing for more.

Well that's all, if you want to see more of Mette's wonderful goodies, check out her Erleperle Blog
she makes the cutest things :) and I love her Style, ohh and
-- THANKS A BUNCH FOR YOUR PARCEL--- I still need to send mine, but I'm taking my time to make it extra special.

This parcel reminds me of LiLi, she always sends me the nicest things,she must be psiquic because she always knows what I want and like, I'll post more of the goodies LiLi send me later

Well. I want sushi for lunch today so I better get moving

Enjoy your day!!