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Quick - Swap Post ^_^ -

I need to get something to eat, I've been up early and I need something warm to calm my stomach, a tea or coffee, I've been munching these chocolate mint cookies I have over my desk but they don't make the trick lol, So this is a quick post and then I'm off to eat something.

These are some of the goodies I will send to Mette on Friday, I hope she enjoys them as much as I loved the Danish Delight she send me :).
I wanted to ship my pending parcels today but something came out and I haven't finished packing yet, so I hope I can get things done by Friday :)


I can't describe the goodies, because I want to surprise her, but I think this is a nice teaser.


Here is a detail of the fabrics I sent, she loves Zakka inspired fabrics and trims and I'm, sure she will love this stash.


The other day I was looking at my previous posts and I noticed that I haven't posted any - Kawaii Goodness- in a while, so here's a photo of some - Cram Cream - Deco-Tapes, LiLi send them to me a few months ago , they're so cute, I specially love the one with the kawaii giraffe.

If you want to see more Deco-Tape visit my Deco-Tape group at Flickr we have lots of members and huge Deco-Tape Collections


And Finally, these -Cram Cream- Animal Clips, another gift form LiLi they are so precious and cute that I can't bare to use them, so I display them.
I leave you with this happy photo,these cute animals wish you a very nice day!

.: My Precious :.

I see that most of you had a wonderful weekend, lots of Halloween Parties and Day of the dead shows :) and other related events! I'm Happy for all of you!, I also had tons of fun at the mini crafty show in TJ , I will show you the photos later when I get the ones I'm missing.

I wanted to post some X-mas Stuff, but I will wait after Halloween because I have tons of goodies to show you, goodies like - This precious MUSHIE - (see more pics above the cut)


Oh! He's such a cutie!! this is my precious, the one that smiles at me when I enter in my crafty sanctuary and salutes me with his sweet and delightful vanilla aroma. This gem was a gift from -Softsweet- a friend form Taiwan, she also send me this lovely treats.
- - - - - - - -- THANK YOU SO SO MUCH SWEETIE!!! I LOVE IT ALL ^_^ - - - - - - -


A Heidi Postcard form her trip to Thailand, my favorite koala biscuits, a cute soup for me ans Scarlett and some Japanese yogurt scotch candy ^_^ yummy!
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