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Canvas Fabric - Sale Post -

Hi! ^_^

How are you doing today, I've been cleaning my desk and craft table, because it's a total mess and I hate working under a could of disaster lol

Anyway , I need YOUR HELP :), since I've been overspending way to much lately, My paypal account is empty :( and I really need some funds, so I decided to give a sales preview of what I intent to sell in my new shop soon.
Sorry about the weird pictures but I haven't got the hang of my new camera yet, I'm working on it still.


I'm selling 2-3 Fat quarter canvas fabric stashes, Each Stash consist of 5 FQ's of heavy to medium weigh canvas fabric
3 of them are 18" X 23" and
2 of them are 18" X 28" WIDE

Take this beauties for $16 Domestic Shipping Included, if you live overseas email me for shipping price :)

I only take paypal , immediate payment required :), hurry up because they go fast and it's a very good deal since the normal price of a canvas FQ is 7, here you can take all 5 for 16 shipped.






Comment or email me if you're interested ^_^

Thanks in Advance and

Enjoy your day!! ♥

- Mushies and more Mushies -


Nice Sunny day were are having here, not to hot and not that cold either, I like it when the wind blows like this :)

Many things have happened since my last post :) , I've been working a lot and taking pictures of my old work like crazy :) I just finished yesterday and I wanted to rest a bit and sew something, cuz I have a lot of cute fabric that I want to use :) that's making me incredibly giddy right now.

I need to work on some PDF files today in order for them to be really by tomorrow or Tuesday, Another exiting thing is that I've been receiving lots of invitations for fun and interesting art projects ~ Yay! can't wait to receive my material so I can start working on my contributions :) that's something I'm looking forward to.

So since I got lots of pictures that I wont be needing for my project ,I'm going to post them here :)

Say hello to my little Mushie here lol

It's of combination of quilting and embroidery over linen :), made with Heather Baileys Fresh Cut Fabrics Heather Bailey's Fresh Cut Fabrics I bought, the linen is mounted on a 8 x 10 canvas for the picture only lol because I need to buy the frames :), I liked how it turned out, this cutie is going to Scarlett's wall, because she's crazy for mushrooms lately. I also made her a t-shirt but I'm saving that picture for later.

I've also noticed that a mushroom mania it's spreading on blogs and Flickr, must be because we have lots of inspiration , like the cute mushrooms from Kamio and Q-lia and little kawaii stationery like the ones I have here -->


These cute memos are form the Pop'n Friends Collection by Kamio Japan, I got these in an ebay auction a few months ago and I love them all, I haven't seen them in a pack before , there so hard to find :)


And you know I love stamps, self inking, handmade you name it, I love them even more if they are kawaii like these ones by Q-lia!, with cute stationery Scarlett and I get super inspired :) we both fanatics of Japanese cuteness.

I've been receiving lots of snail mail :), I need to take some pictures so I can show you the goods!, well I better get back to work.

Take Care and
Have a crafty day!