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Matchboxes - Received and Sent


It's so hot and Sunny here :) a good day to eat ice cream or take a walk at the park :)

I've been working on my pending swaps and I love to work with matchboxes they're so small and cute and you can fill them and decorate them with lots of nifty items, I've been having fun painting them :) here is the Kawaii Matchbox Swap I've sent recently -->


My partner lives near here and she got it yesterday :) I'm glad she liked it, I send her dome mini erasers, mini memos a plush I made with my gocco among other goodies.


And I was lucky enough to receive this lovely surprise from Ann Disaster from flickr ^_^ a Mushie matchbox filled with kawaii stickers and a monkey pin

She also send me some Japanese sweets and 5 adorable postcards from my favorite Illustrator.


I'm definitely going to frame this postcards , they're from Catalina Estrada a Super Designer and Illustrator, love her work , She's Colombian but resides in Spain now, she has design adds and products for Coca-cola and Nike and other famous brands ^_^, I'm in love with her illustrations ans work , check her web page to see a sample of her enormous talent.

Well I'm going now, because I'm sewing a big motorcycle bag for my hubby I'll tell you more of that in another post :)

have a crafty day :)

:: Painting Matchboxes ::

It's a little hot today, It's almost 10:30 and my head is starting to hurt, I not very comfortable in hot weather, I love to sew and when it gets too hot is impossible to sit in one place and concentrate.
Anyway I hope you're having better weather over there :)

I've been painting lately, suddenly I've been having lots of inspiration maybe because I need to practice for some interesting art projects :), Here are 2 matchboxes I painted, i hope you like them :)


oh! bunny :), I choose to paint bunnies because I want to use these in upcoming swaps and a cute bunny suits the theme for this month.


One pink and the other purple :), I used acrylics and glitter to give the clouds a little texture, they measure 3" tall and 2.5 wide


I also wanted to paint a blue one but I run out of boxes, I recycle them from my gastritis prescription lol I have to take 2 pills daily so I end up with a lot of empty boxes :) I prefer to decorate them instead of making more garbage.


And look at the goodies I got form the :Super kawaii Swap :: a private swap at Swap-bot, my partner Drewzel knows how to please a kawaii maniac like me, loved everything specially the cram cream deco-tape and the elephant stationery.

Well I'll show you more of the goodies I got in another post, now I have to clean this desk and I want to sew something today, it's been a while, I need to make me a pouch or a little bag for an upcoming swap :)

Take Care ♥ and
Have a Crafty Day!

Oh! Gocco ♥

Love the weather today, not to cool and not to hot, it's perfect ^_^, It's weird how can the weather can inspire you to create.

Well as I've told you in previous posts, I've been experimenting with my new toy, unfortunately because I got really sick I didn't got the chance to finish the cute bunnies, but I'm working on them as we speak, there waiting to be sewn and stuffed ^_^

So Yes! I finally got the Gocco I wanted to badly, Willy got it for me 3 months ago, I didn't used it then because I was waiting for supplies (bulbs, ink, etc) and the Print on fabric ink set I got on ebay.


The main reason I wanted a Gocco is because it's easy to print on fabric, this idea makes me nuts!!, Imagine my own design on pouches, patches,bags,totes, and many more items!!! Yay! I'm really exited about it


These are the screens and that little bunny was my practice original, I didn't went with that design, instead I picked the bunny that has a mouth, both on them look cute anyways. The Gocco was very easy to use, the only inconvenience I had with the master was that some of the laser toner got stock to the screen when i burned my image, I used the blue filter but I think that wasn't enough, next time I'm gonna reduce the intensity of the toner when I print the original to prevent this.


Here it is, all ready to print It looks like whipped cream or vanilla icing lol, I'll show you the rest of my project in another post ^_^ because I'm so hungry and I need to grab some lunch, I enjoyed printing gocco, it was fun and problem free, can't wait to use it to print designs and patterns on fabric.

Well I hope the weather it's nice were you live :)
Enjoy your Day ♥
See Ya!

- Happy Easter -

Happy Monday!

It's nice to read all the fun you had Yesterday, We ate a lot of candy and watched some movies lol it was a lot of fun.
After all the good vibes that you send me, I got very sick las week and I wasn't able to post i don't know whats wrong with my immune system lately but jeezz.. it's horrible I also need to go to the dentist fast because 2 of my wisdom teeth are ripping my little mouth and it hurts A LOT X_X.

Passing on to cuter things, Marianne send me this Easter Goodies along with her swap package, Thank You Marianne you're the best!

Well and since I didn't post this cutie Friday, here it is!


Yes It's Mario ^_^, with a bunny suit, oh how I love he's rabbit ears,


this toy was really easy to make, it took me like 15 minutes and because his body is white, you wont waste to much ink, so you know the drill

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