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.: Christmas Inspired :.

Happy Monday!

I hope you had fun and had some time to make that cute Santa I showed you. My weekend was nice because we finally got your X-mas tree and some colorful ornaments we found at Target, I also got me lots of Fabrics, Ribbons, Yarns and Pretty Paper for my Christmas Crafts and Gifts.

I plan to ship almost all of my International Parcels on Wednesday, so I must hurry to get it all done on time.


I found this cute gingerbread house fabric :), you know I'm obsessed with gingerbread men and cookies, the rest of the fabrics in the photo are from my Holiday Stash :), I took them form the storage bin, refold them and now they're displayed in my craft table.


I also found these ones! they're so soft, love their texture and colors, I have a project planned for these, can't wait to get started.


Maybe you've seen these ones already, if not here are the - Holiday Knits - stamps, I love this set specially the deer and the bear, I have to pick up another booklet on my next trip to the post office , because I know these are going to end up on my International packs.



An have you seen the December issue of Blue Print? , it's so inspiring, they have precious Christmas ideas and decorations but my favorite article is the one with Amy and David Butler :) I have photos of this at My Flickr
, a really nice read ^_^

Well I need to get pack to work, WIP photos later

Enjoy your day!

Paper Toy Friday - Cute Santa -

Yay! It's Paper Toy Friday
It's a little bit rainy outside, nice cold wind, the weather is perfect to stay at home, drink a cup of hot cocoa and download this -Paper Toy Santa - I found for you.

Finally! I had some time to sit down and put together a paper toy, I haven't done one in months and I've started to get a little rusty, this one took me more time as usual, because I haven't practice and I haven't changed my X-acto blades.


Isn't He cute??
This Precious Santa is designed by Christopher a talented illustrator,designer and artist, You can check his portfolio and his awesome artwork at his website here ---> Macula


It comes with a yummy candy cane and a cute bell, other details that made me melt was his white beard and rosy cheeks ♥


It took me almost an hour to assemble, but like I said before it's because I haven't done one in a while, If you have practice you can do it in less time :), It's worth it!

Christopher pass me this other link were you will find, Christmas cards by other artists and Illustrators ---> Robotface


Well, Now you got the perfect Christmas Paper Toy to decorate your desk, just



Enjoy and have a Fun Weekend
Happy Tuesday :)

How's your weather? over here is kind of crazy, last night it got really cold and now is hot and dry again X_X.

Anyway, Yesterday I went to pick up my mail and I found lots of pretty goodies waiting for me, it was a great day because when I came back I found an email saying that I won a super nice giveaway! ^_^ but I'll tell you more about that when I get the prize in the mail.

Over the past week I've been working in a collaboration for some guys from Germany - The Art Pack Project- and I wanted to show you the crazy doodles I made, I'll post the final project over the week


I know my doodles are crazy, I always like to visit those pretty moleskine journal blogs were they take doodling to another level, but there's something about my doodling process that gives me confidence, I try to make them fast and messy to get the idea of the project, then I try to make a lot of mistakes, erase them over and over and only then I feel ok to start the project ^_^, if I don't do it this way I get nervous and in consequence ruin what I'm doing.


And here is a pretty lunch bag, I made it to use as packaging for some very special buttons I recently sent to Australia to a very special designer.


I'll show you the treasures inside when she writes about them at Her Blog


And Just Look at this precious card I got yesterday! Yes! this is my first official Christmas Card of this year! ^_^
This card is super kawaii , love the colors and the theme, I uploaded a little card detail at My Flickr


It's from the talented Marianne and it comes all the way form The Netherlands
THANKS A BUNCH Marianne! I loved it!


Well that's all, Enjoy your day!!

Is starting to Smell like Christmas..


It's nice to be back, I had a great Thanksgiving weekend :), I ate a LOT!! definitely much more than last Thanksgiving, It must be because of the sweet smell of all those baked goodies, mmmm.... yummy!

And I also have to say, Is starting to look,feel and smell like Christmas,there's something special about this year that gets me all exited and inspired, I've started looking for my holiday themed fabric,trims and ribbons, they're in a big plastic storage box, can't wait to work with them!

In my Last Post I told you that I wanted to show you the yoyos I made with the clover tools LiLi sent me, and here they are


You can see the felt basket Lili made for me :), it was quite useful to hold my sweet yoyos, I made classic and heart shaped because I want to use them to embellish ornaments or other stuff.


I got so exited that I made a Big one :) a clone of that super Yoyo is going to end up as a cap :), Yes a cap for a little guy I am sewing, tell you more about him later.


I took this book out of the library the other day The Spirit of Christmas, It is a nice read with lots of Christmas recipes and crafty projects.


The book has different Christmas themes, like Serenity Season (white) Classical (red and green) and Cowboy :), the projects and instructions are simple with full of nice pictures and patterns.


And look at this, I'm crazy for these - Papier-Mache Ornaments -they would look great with fabric and the -Tiny Tag Tree- is precious, love the idea to use tags as ornaments, I wonder if it works with a normal size tree.

Well have to paint some pending projects, I hope these images get you inspired to star making your ornaments :) and when you're done, don't forget to show me ok ♥

Take Care and See ya!

PTF :: Tummie :: Mover Paper Toy

Happy Friday :)

It's hot hot outside and I'm feeling better now :), I can't wait to go swimming, well let me say that I'm really exited with this - Paper Toy Friday - because I have the honor to present to you a super kawaii paper toy, so cute that your eyes will fall out lol ♥

Curious??? ok, Meet
:: Tummie ::


Go on say Hello!!, how can you resist this gorgeous face


Designed for the Super-Duper Talented Chantal from Tummie Design this precious character will light up your day, his expression and Smile makes a great present for anyone :).


This paper toy it's unique because of the little details, Chantal ( the designer) put a lot of effort and detail and it totally pays off, the results are amazing!
It took me 3 hours to cut,glue and assemble, The template was just released Yesterday and I didn't take my time with this one, so that means that the measurements and instructions are very good, simple and precise, so you wont have any problem while putting all the pieces together.

This is a slightly complex Paper Toy because it has small pieces, I recommend the use of tweezers when you want to set up those small pieces in place.
But you don't have to be a pro to make one, you will need a little more patience if you're a beginner :), The difficulty level on this one is Medium ♥


But wait he's not alone, he comes with a happy gang of Mushroom Mates :) that he carries around in his two piece " Mover"
How cool is that??


Don't forget to visit the official:: Tummie:: web site Tummie Design and if you want to see more pictures of Tummie and it's designer visit Tummie Pics at flcikr

Well I hope you enjoyed this Precious Paper Toy a perfect project for the weekend
YOU know what to do ^_^



Tummie wishes you a nice weekend!!
Take Care ♥

Fabrics and Craft Books - All Japanese

Hi, how is your Monday??
I hope fine, I'm really sick since yesterday I have a horrible fever and can't stop sneezing , lol I'm super dizzy and mad because it sucks having this flu-cold with this hot heather X_X I want some ice cram and my throat hurts like hell.

Well passing to more happy stuff lol
I was taking pictures of the new goodies I got in the mail when my battery died so I decided to show you these goodies instead.

Fabrics and Craft Books, Can't have enough of them, My favorites are definitely Japanese


I was drooling for this fabric for some time and I finally got me some from Reprodepot
, I think this fabric is perfect for a pin cushion and a needle book, what would you make with these?


I got these precious ribbons at Michael's, too mad they only had these left, because they're fun and cute. I have to share these with Scarlett because she's going to make a project with these :)


- Design Collection for Kids - ISBN987-4-529-04204-8

I used to look at this book at ebay and I always thought it was a really beautiful book, but now that I have it, I think is so much more than pretty pictures, it's practical and very inspiring, the instructions are simple and the projects irresistible, can't wait to try all those embroidery with wool felt techniques :)


Just look at these :), I have to buy me more linen , I want to make pretty bags ans decorate them with these pretty flowers ^_^


And what can I say about these kawaii animals, I think they would look great in linen patches or embroidered in Scarlett's Jacket or on a patchwork linen pillow.

To see more pictures of the book and other goodies just go toMy flickr

Well I need to take a nap, my head hurts :(, see ya and enjoy your day

PTF :: Big-Foot :: Kawaii Paper Toy

Friday Already :) One more - Paper Toy - to make this weekend

Last week I said I had Paper Toy Pets for this Friday, But I recently found something better , cuter and super fast and easy to assemble.

What is it?? It's Big-Foot , this wonderful kawaii Paper Toy designed by the talented Illustrator Paul Shih


I just love this Paper Toy, it has it all, it's fun, Simple and oh! so Kawaii


It took me 5 - 8 minutes to assemble :) a perfect project for the weekend


Paul Shih created a masterpiece with this one, definitely one of my favorite paper toys ever!


Don't forget to visit Paul's SHOP were you can find lots of cool goodies like screen prints,t-shirts,1"buttons, with Big-Foot and other rad illustrations

YOU know the steps ^_^




Paul and I want to see your pictures!!, so go and make yours!
Have a fun weekend!

PTF :: Totoro :: Paper Toy

It's lucky Friday!

A lazy friday for me lol, I'm so tired and I've been working very hard this week that I didn't have the chance to make a nice paper toy, but don't worry I have a nice cartoon character for you :)

It's Totoro


I took this template and pictures from The Paper Kraft Blog


I haven't tried this one myself , but it looks really fun! :)


I promise a really nice and cute paper toy for next friday, I just want to say that it involves cute puppies :)

In other news I'm super behind in my emails, so I'm sorry if I haven't reply you, I will get to it, now i want to rest because my legs and eyes hurt, what a lazy friday :)

So if you want to try to assemble Totoro you know what to do ^_^



Take Care and Have fun!!

PTF :: Bread and Butterfly :: Paper Toy


It's Paper Toy Friday and this time I found a Fairy tale character form - Alice in Wonderland -


Remember these cute butterflies that Alice found in the Garden, when she talked with the flowers?


Yes I'm talking about the Bread and Butterfly lol ^_^ I've always liked these cuties and finally I got the chance to assemble mine :)


This funny fairy tale Paper Toy is Designed by Claudio Dias, he has more of these toys but I'm going to post one at the time :) so I can assemble each and every one of them ^_^

It took me a while like 40 minutes, this one is not as simple as the other paper toys I've posted, this paper toy is a little more complicated because it has a lot of small pieces and the tabs are small also so you have to be more careful when you're gluing together all the pieces.

But it's worth it, You shroud give it a try ^_^, you know the steps -->


Instructions Here


Enjoy your weekend and Have fun!!
Yay! It's Friday and I got these super cool paper toys for you!


Meet Red-she and Red-him :) a Paper Toy Gloo Man couple I customize from the Gloo Website you can mix and match styles and accessories super fast and easy, when you're finished with your design you will get a PDF template that you can store for printing :).


This is the casual look and on the other side they have their work clothes lol


Designed by Gloo


They're very simple to assemble also it took me about 13 min each :) and the results are awesome! So if you're bored at the office or you desk needs a new toy or you just want to procrastinate a little, these paper toy will do the job.


Download Red-She HERE

Download Red-He HERE


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