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Don't Take My Photos X_X

Please, Please Don't take my personal material for your personal use :(

It is very sad to see that these things happen in the creative community, I have NO PROBLEM SHARING my Photos if you CREDIT ME or put link to my website or Flickr page.

It's not the first time I see my photos in other's websites, usually I sent an email and not post about it, but I think it's enough and If I don't post about it people will continue to take my photos, ideas and projects.

I found this website
And this LJ community

Using my milky paper toy photo
All of my photos are under the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs Creative License

You can learn and read more about the Creative Commons License HERE

I Just received an email from them, they agreed to credit the photo, I suggest they do the same for the other material they have over there before the designers get mad.

LOVE is SHARING But Please, let me know you want to share some of my LOVE ^_^ ♥

Sorry but the post , but I had to take that of my chest
Have a nice day!!
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