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- White, Pinks and Reds -

How's your Monday going ?

Mine started a little lazy, it's cold and It's hard to get out of bed, lucky enough we had some Hot Mexican Chocolate from last night, so that game me a little more energy :)

I am still a little sleepy because I stayed up all night looking at my photo Archive C_C there's a lot to be done and tons of photos to post, I am trying to organize all my files because it's hard to work when you have a mess and I've been procrastinating on that for some time.

Now let me post some White, Pinks and Reds ^_^, I've been looking at these colors everywhere and I can help myself to be inspired.


Here's my ♥ Valentine Fabric Stash ♥ lots and lots of hearts in white, pink and red, too cute! some of these fabrics are from last year and I got 2 new ones this year, I want to make plushy hearts, can't wait.


I just love Gingham Fabric, as soon as cut a small piece of it to make a YoYo I saw a little mushie friend telling me; .... make me .... Make ME!!! and I did, just look at him :) perfect for valentine charms , I am gonna make him some friends because he's all alone right now.



Here's my - Crafty Mushie WorkStation - I've been thinking of doing these mushie items for so long, I have them all in my sketchbook waiting to be done, but sadly I hardly find time to make my ideas, Sometimes I feel very bad because I am dying to make new stuff, I have old projects from 3 years ago that I'm still thinking about, that's why I'm organizing everything, maybe if I have everything in the right place it won't be so difficult to start crafting in the middle of the night :) this remind me that i need to get me some new lamps because the desk lamp I have sucks and makes my eyes hurt.


A sample of my - Stamp Collection - I love vintage used stamps, those are the best, here you will find some from Rome,Denmark and Austria :), I will keep posting more of these, they are a treat to look at!

Have to get back to work, Take Care and Have a Crafty Day!


Jan. 28th, 2008 09:37 pm (UTC)
Adorable little mushie, Denise! ♥ I could just picture a bunch of those strung together like garland.

My Monday's going okay so far. :) I started my day with a banana followed by an icy, creamy green tea drink. Yum! Funny you mentioned Mexican hot chocolate, because I was at the mall a few days ago and saw a sign with a picture of Mexican hot chocolate, and it looked so yummy! I kind'a want to have one now.
Jan. 29th, 2008 03:21 am (UTC)
thanks :)

oh that's a really nice idea Kat :) , I'm finishing a bunch of these, I just need to sew the white spots and all done!

mm.. I love green tea drinks even more if they're creamy yum!

It is yummy , I've tried many brands and the one i got the other day in TJ is just great!!
I've tried - Chocolate Abuelita - - Chocolate Ibarra- among others but - Chocolate Don Gustavo- is the bEst!!!

It's really yummy and easy to make, i would love to send you some Don gustavo bars for you to try, mmm yummy!

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