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Got Milky ?? - Paper Toy Friday -

Happy Friday!!

Today is Paper Toy Friday and I have a really couple for you guys to make over the weekend.
I know that many of you will recognize this little Character from the Video - Coffee & Tv - from Blur, but for those of you that haven't seen him well here it is -->


Meet - Milky - He's a cute, brave and cute carton of milk that falls in love with Milky Girl!
Milky was designed by Gareth Stranks and i assure you you that your paper toy collection won't be complete if you don't have this cute couple.


Here is his lady, love the eyelashes and dreamy eyes :)


These two are very easy to assemble, just like the paper of last week this one has straight tabs making the folding and pasting easier, If you have double sided tape you will finish this set in a flash!

If you didn't catch the Blur Video don't worry, I have it here for you and you will see Milky and his girl in action.


Well I hope you enjoyed this Cute Paper Toy a perfect project for the weekend
YOU know what to do ^_^



Have a nice day!
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