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:: Almost Done ::

I'm feeling sleepy today, must be because I've been running like crazy trying to get everything ready for Christmas, I made some final purchases online yesterday and had to paid extra for shipping $_$, so they can be on time, fingers crossed !

Posting Yesterday was impossible, my internet was acting weird until this morning so uploading images was a pain.
But enough of that, :) I wanted to show you what I did over the weekend.


I played with these lovely papers :), cutting,wrapping,folding and even sewing them to pack the ornaments I sent,these beauties are form the Martha Stewart Crafts line, Aren't they cute?


I prepared this Birthday-Christmas present for a very CRAFTY girl :) I didn't had the chance to send her something for her Birthday so I wanted to make it double this time, no, I'm not telling who because it's a surprise! I hope she gets it soon.


And these two cute FQ's are flying all the way to CANADA, along with a Christmas Card, another crafty surprise for a nice patient girl.


I did a lot of packing and these Holiday Deco-Tapes helped me to decorate envelopes and parcels, Love the Bells and the Holiday Greetings ^_^


How much did I pack? well see for yourself, I ship them out last Friday and clumsy me forgot to add some small letters and parcels I had in my outbox drawer X_X, so I need to make another trip to the post office.

I am almost done with all my Holiday errands, I only need to worry about Christmas Dinner and sending the last batch of snail mail :) Can't wait to stay home and relax a bit.

Well I hope you have a calm nice day and I'll show you the ornaments I sent on those brown paper bags on my next post

Take Care!


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Dec. 18th, 2007 10:19 pm (UTC)
your packages are so neat and clean looking! mine are always covered in tape and sloppy, haha.
Dec. 18th, 2007 10:54 pm (UTC)
really? I thought I was sloppy lol, I have - deco-tape disorder - I often resit myself to stick layers and layers of tape on my parcels lol
Dec. 18th, 2007 10:55 pm (UTC)
i reuse envelopes and they are often covered in wads of packing tape . . . my post office doesn't like decorations because they get in the way of the scanners, so they don't have deco tape or stickers on them anymore. :(
Dec. 18th, 2007 11:04 pm (UTC)
:( that sucks, I love the girls at my local post office they're always happy to see new deco-tapes , I hope they don't change the packing rules.
Dec. 18th, 2007 10:41 pm (UTC)
You are so disciplined with your Christmas errands, Denise!
Where are Martha Stewart Crafts supplies sold? I've never seen or heard of them before. They're cute!
Dec. 18th, 2007 10:57 pm (UTC)
I always try to keep ahead so I can have spare time to eat,drink,read and enjoy the Holidays with my daughter :), I like being lazy this time of year.

They sell them at Michaels, every collection sell out pretty fast :( she has lovely items, you can see them here
I love her stuff but It can be a bit pricey
Dec. 19th, 2007 04:19 pm (UTC)
Oh everything is so pretty! All the fabrics are so delicate and girly-looking! I love them.
Dec. 19th, 2007 04:59 pm (UTC)
Yay ^_^
I'm glad you liked them, there's something about tiny pastel prints that make me warm n fuzzy
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