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Happy Tuesday :)

How's your weather? over here is kind of crazy, last night it got really cold and now is hot and dry again X_X.

Anyway, Yesterday I went to pick up my mail and I found lots of pretty goodies waiting for me, it was a great day because when I came back I found an email saying that I won a super nice giveaway! ^_^ but I'll tell you more about that when I get the prize in the mail.

Over the past week I've been working in a collaboration for some guys from Germany - The Art Pack Project- and I wanted to show you the crazy doodles I made, I'll post the final project over the week


I know my doodles are crazy, I always like to visit those pretty moleskine journal blogs were they take doodling to another level, but there's something about my doodling process that gives me confidence, I try to make them fast and messy to get the idea of the project, then I try to make a lot of mistakes, erase them over and over and only then I feel ok to start the project ^_^, if I don't do it this way I get nervous and in consequence ruin what I'm doing.


And here is a pretty lunch bag, I made it to use as packaging for some very special buttons I recently sent to Australia to a very special designer.


I'll show you the treasures inside when she writes about them at Her Blog


And Just Look at this precious card I got yesterday! Yes! this is my first official Christmas Card of this year! ^_^
This card is super kawaii , love the colors and the theme, I uploaded a little card detail at My Flickr


It's from the talented Marianne and it comes all the way form The Netherlands
THANKS A BUNCH Marianne! I loved it!


Well that's all, Enjoy your day!!


Dec. 4th, 2007 11:23 pm (UTC)
The card is so cute and colorful! I love it. I have a penpal in the Netherlands, but I've yet to receive something from her from her country — she usually sends me postcards from whatever country she's visiting. Haha!

I like the way you decorated the paper bag. Leave it to you to make a plain, brown paper bag look colorful and pretty! ♥

Yes, the weather has been crazy, hasn't it? It's hot today, but just yesterday it was cold! It's supposed to get cold again by the end of the week. And more rain...yay!
Dec. 5th, 2007 03:44 am (UTC)
how cool, I hope she sends you something like this :)

aww thanks :) glad you liked the bag, I'm making more to ship my ornaments, got to do that this week.

ohh I love it when it rains
Take care Kat ♥

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