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- Toad Mushroom ::PTF:: 'n Goodies -

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you had a very productive week, mine was a little hectic because I'm finishing and adjusting a lot of things that were sitting around on my to-do list, I wont be around here this weekend because I'm going to format and Install a new OS in my desktop computer and I will be busy backing up info and installing software.
In other news you can see the new look X_X It seems that LJ disabled my "personal theme" and If I want it back I have to pay the account again, and since I haven't been very happy with LJ , I decided that I will syndicate it from another blog , I will tell you witch one later.

Passing to more pleasant things, I got the most lovely surprise in my mail the other day ^_^


from the lovely Heidi Kenney from My Paper Crane


A bag full of wonderful goodies; a Strawberry Lipgloss, little notecards, lollipops, beautiful paper a postcard and a cute apple photo frame!

It's magical how a hand full of these little things can bright up your day :), I was lucky enough to Win this little treasure in Heidi's Blog Givaway. Another great reason for reading her amazing Blog
If by any reason you haven't seen her site, DO IT RIGHT NOW, You just have to LOL.


And Yes!! Today is ::PTF:: Paper Toy Friday and I have this classic Nintendo Mushie that Everyone likes!

- Toad - Was really easy to make a total of 16 minutes,He's body parts are very simple and not as small as other paper toys, so you won't have a hard time with his pieces. This is a great Paper Toy for kids!
I found him about a year ago in a Japanese Website, but that site is down now :( but the credits are in the cutting sheet :).


Isn't he adorable?? Go on I want to see yours lol You know what to do



Little Toad Wishes You To Have a Happy Weekend! ♥
Take Care and have Fun
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