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New Place mats !

Hello! Can't wait to read what you've done over the weekend it is always fun to read your adventures lol I am all giddy right now because Willy is coming home today, I have to pick him up at the airport at eleven, I sure missed him :).
This weekend I was very busy with a lot of pending projects, but instead of work on them I made us some new Place mats,Potholders and Coasters because the ones we had were old yucky and ugly and because I had to keep me busy until Willy's return lol


So I was at the Fabric Store when I saw this big roll of Fabric?? no, Plastic, usually this plastic is used to make table cloths, I like the texture because it was like my old place mats, so I got four Yards :).

First I draw the shape of my place mat in an old-used cereal box, then with m X-acto knife and scissors I cut the shape and the seam allowance, after that I traced the shaped cardboard on the plastic, I cut the shape and glue the seam allowance so it would be easy to me to sew them ( this is the equivalent to pressing the seam allowance in fabric)then I just put together two pieces with a medium stitch and All Done!! ^_^


As you can see I am very happy with the result , now I am curious of what more can I make with that wonderful plastic, maybe some little baggies for treats and swaps? I will try and make some of those because I saw at the store a wide selection nice plastic with different designs on them.


I mostly like this material because it is very easy to clean and it last forever, there very useful when you have a family like mine lol


Well that's all for now , This little orange juice bottle wishes you a Happy Monday! ♥
Take Care and see yo around.
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