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- Happy Easter -

Happy Monday!

It's nice to read all the fun you had Yesterday, We ate a lot of candy and watched some movies lol it was a lot of fun.
After all the good vibes that you send me, I got very sick las week and I wasn't able to post i don't know whats wrong with my immune system lately but jeezz.. it's horrible I also need to go to the dentist fast because 2 of my wisdom teeth are ripping my little mouth and it hurts A LOT X_X.

Passing on to cuter things, Marianne send me this Easter Goodies along with her swap package, Thank You Marianne you're the best!

Well and since I didn't post this cutie Friday, here it is!


Yes It's Mario ^_^, with a bunny suit, oh how I love he's rabbit ears,


this toy was really easy to make, it took me like 15 minutes and because his body is white, you wont waste to much ink, so you know the drill
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