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Well I have to admit that I've been quite sad over the weekend because of that incident with the buttons, but I really don't want to talk about that again X_X I hope I don't receive more hate mail :(.
Thanks for all your SWEET EMAIL AND COMMENTS :), I really appreciate them you guys make me feel Warm 'n Fuzzy Again LOL!! , like I'm not alone, Thank you so Very MUCH for your Support.

Anyways , to make things a little less depressing, here are some of the Lovely Surprises I've received lately --->

I received this wonderful Surprise Birthday present from my friend Ninna pigeon_master, Oh! Thank You Ninna :) I like and love everything you send , love the my melody face cloth!! and the mirror is soo cute + useful!! thanks a bunch!!

She also made this lovely Ornament ^_^ that I'm gonna hang today in my tree, Yay!! for Ninna she makes the cutest things.


And this one comes all the way from Singapore, from the lovely
she send me some fabrics and other creaft materials along with kawaii stationary,candy and precious Deco-Tapes :)
This package is a very complete package, Thank You Shiyu!! I really love the purple fabric the stars are really cute!!

Love the deco-tapes also and the loose die cut memos are THE BEST!

Better get going I still have to finish and mail a Big package, I'll tell you all about it in my next post.
Take Care and Once Again Thank Yoy for your comments and Support

I ♥ You
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