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I've noticed that many of you are super busy lately and that LJ has been a bit quiet , must be because we are all preparing for the holidays and there tons of activities and crafts shows. Anyway I've been sewing like crazy and I'm almost done making my "cookies".

As I promise before here are some pictures of the goodies I've been receiving ( I have more, but i will post them later)

This - Wonderful Parcel - came all the way from Portugal, from the lovely Eloisa one of my favorite Crafty Ladies and Artists ( I have a lot , because many of you ladies and gents are amazing ♥ ), She also makes the cutest dolly paintings you ever seen, go and see more of her goodies at her BLOG HERE


She also send me this beautiful postcard along with some magnets and other goodies ^_^


And last but not least , my favorite item in these amazing package - my precious elotopia bag- :) she used one of the fabrics I send to her earlier and I totally love it!! specially in that color, ^_^ Thanks a Bunch Eloisa , your amazing package surprised me and made me Smile ♥

Well that's enough - Eye Candy - for today
Hello Kitty and I wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving


Take care ♥
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