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27 December
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scream it - angie to tha rivera
fuck the - united states
hiding in - milford; connecticut
holding on for - marc
it started - december 27 1990

angie .. <3 marc is my love
my girls are what keeps me goin
and they are what keeps mee
laughing.true few- jr.ef.ls.sg.sm.sf.ab.

"Real love stories n e v e r
have an e n d i n g . .
angiee <33. marc love you `ox
it's a fact. you got my heart by
just being who you are.
we're perfectly perfect together.
whenever im not around and youre
feeling down, let the thought of
me be the reason you smile.
you make my heart feel something
it never felt before n everytime
i see you.. i fall a little more.
" You wont know the r e a l
meaning of love <3 until you
f a l l in love <3. "
For, you see, each day I love you
more. Today more than yesterday,
and less than tomorrow.
"So, remember when your eyes meet
mine, I love you with
---> all.my.heart.
There are only 2 times i want to
be with you.. now, and forever.

---> Snickerdoodle and Chocolate Chip
i love you girls so much.. thank you for ALWAYS being there. bffeaeae <33