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Diary of a Killer Cat

What's the worst that I can say?

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Mostly likely clinically insane but I haven't had any conclusive tests done yet. I ride motorbikes, enjoy camping and biker rallies and long walks in pretty places.
I have varied tastes music everything from Greenday to the Corrs, I like films especially horror and comedy (then again I usually laugh at scary films so its all comedy to me anyway) and I like spending time with my friends, they know who they are, but I do like my time to myself. I set a lot of store by good old fashioned things like trust, honour and respect. I have many dreams I intend to fulfil before settling down to make a life for myself...that *may* include a life partner, will *probably* include cats and will most certainly *not* invlove having children.

I take everyday as it comes, expecting nothing and relishing every experience of every second, I see beauty in the little things that other people miss, I laugh a lot, I find lots of things funny though sometimes for twisted reasons, other times I laugh for no reason at all.