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Doctor Who fic recs

I blame emhen.

I actually blame emhen for a lot of things (mostly fandom-related, admittedly), and this is entirely her fault, too. She's the one who made me watch Doctor Who, after all.

I tend to jump into my fandoms without testing the waters. I read all the fic I can, research the canon, look for (and occasionally make) icons, etc. Imagine my pleasure when I saw that hey, there are a lot of really good writers in this fandom!

(How do I judge 'really good', you ask? Quite simply, actually: I don't really ship. There are very few relationships that I immediately love and will write, and frankly, Doctor Who doesn't really have one for me. I write gen. I read gen. Hell, I'm beginning to think that I breathe gen, and most of the time I find slash easier to swallow than het since it (usually, anyway) has less of the "OMG MY PAIRING IS MEANT TO BE" and more of an actual basis in friendship.

Most of these writers write het. Some of them write the OT3 - Jack/Rose/Doctor, which is just plain awesome - but most of them write so well that the ship doesn't detract. Or write gen.)

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