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oh, the meta.

I have a general question for SG:A fen; specifically, what, in your experience, has been the prevaling opinion regarding Ford?

Because I've seen it several ways. Lurking in Gateworld, I've seen threads about how Ronon would kick Ford's ass any day of the week and Ford should go crawl in a corner and die a slow death of withdrawal, and, on the other side of the spectrum, the F.O.R.D. threads in full support of Ford.

The issue that brings this up is simple. Over on the Pit of Voles ff.n, I was lamenting the dearth of good Ford-fic (well, any Ford-fic at all, for that matter--the stuff that's out there is pretty much amazing, but there are only a handful of authors who write it, and that's a rec post for another day), when I came across this little gem. While I realize that ff.n isn't exactly the best place to go looking for character quality fic (and the exceptions pretty much just prove the rule), I was still surprised.

Is this unusual? I'm pretty much resigned to Ford as a neglected character at this point (but I may not be looking in the right places), but I hadn't really seen him as a character fans wanted to die.