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Fall, Fear, Catch, Mend

Title: Fall, Fear, Catch, Mend
Fandom: How to Train Your Dragon
Rating: PG
Warnings/Notes: Contains depictions of panic attacks and PTSD. Thanks to chaya, trekkiemage, and bad_vegan for concrit! Also available on AO3.
Summary: For some reason, Hiccup decides that the best way to get over this ridiculous sudden fear of falling is by beating it into submission. With a Night Fury.

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Take the Third Option

Title: Take the Third Option
Rating: R for frank discussion of sex and violence
Summary: Take the Third Option, or, Vulcans Have Prehensile Dicks And Other Misinformation.
Notes/Warnings: Written for trekkiemage as part of her (very belated) Help Japan winnings; this one's for "Hurt/Comfort." This fic deals with pon farr and all the consent issues that come with it, so take that as you will.

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Five Times Jim Was Neurotically Mothered By His Crew (And...)

Title: Five Times Jim Was Neurotically Mothered By His Crew (And One Time He Mothered Them Right Back)
Rating: PG for mentions of violence
Summary: It says a lot about his life that Jim's no longer surprised to be waking up in sickbay with no idea of how he got there.
Notes: Written for extraonions for help_haiti, who said "I am a big fan of hurt/comfort, Kirk!whump, any kind of story where the other characters are concerned about Kirk, discuss these concerns with each other, and generally hover and mother hen him (either with or without him noticing). You can write me 1,000 words of everyone on the Enterprise monitoring Kirk's emotional state and nutritional intake and making him wear mittens and it will hit every button I have :)." I may have taken this a bit more literally than it was intended. I hope you enjoy it! :D Huge thanks to Ari and Rachel for the beta.

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Ship Leave (3/3)

Title: Ship Leave
Rating: PG-13 for violence, references to torture and captivity, and stab wounds
Summary: Two years after embarking on her maiden voyage, the Enterprise returns to Earth for some holiday-season shore leave after a typical mission-gone-wrong. Then things go wronger.
Author's note: Part three of three. This section's wordcount: about 8,000.

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