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maybe I lost my direction (maybe the worst is behind)

maybe I lost my direction
(maybe the worst is behind)

(General notes about the mix: It mainly deals with the most recent and relevant comic arcs, but it does reference and spoil several important classic storylines. It could possibly be read as gen, but it was intended to be slashy and several songs imply a one-sided *cough* regard *cough* from Tony to Steve, if not reciprocated.

Also, the intention with the track art was to do something almost like a fanvid - to provide the images and text that I saw as most relevant given the difficulties of vidding comics and also the fact that I don't know how to vid. For some tracks this worked better than others, but if any of the songs remind you of a scan, please feel free to share it! I am not at all averse to a impromptu scan party threads.)

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whoops, wrong sam!


"My name is Sam Winchester. My brother and I were in an accident, and we woke up in - "
"If that sonofabitch demon hurt my baby I'm gonna hunt it down and send its ass back to Hell faster than you can say - "

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