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H.R. 4645, the Travel Restriction Reform and Export Enhancement Act, has been reported by its Committee to the full House of Representatives.

H.R. 4635 is a bill that, if passed, will lift all restrictions on travel to Cuba and remove certain restrictions on selling agricultural products to Cuba. Currently, legislation severely restricts American citizens from traveling to Cuba, and the embargo (known in Cuba as el bloqueo - the blockade) makes it incredibly difficult for farmers to sell their products in Cuba. There are several reasons to support this bill: Perhaps the most obvious is that US policy towards Cuba in general has always banked on the Castro regime dying out (sometimes literally) in the next few years...for half a century. Another is that the travel restrictions impinge on the rights of Americans to travel where they see fit, including Cuban-Americans who have no surviving relatives on the island. Opening up agricultural trade to Cuba will not only likely help with the food shortages on the island, but stimulate the economy and open up jobs for Americans.

Please consider contacting your Representative in support of this bill. You can find your representative here; even one email can make a difference.

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