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Classificathon Master List!

This is currently the master list for the Classificathon. Entries will be edited in as they come in; until then, they remain a surprise.

randomeliza wrote for toft_froggy: Whole Constellations Apart, Hadrian/Antinous (NC-17)

Aaaaand right now that's it, but there's more coming. :D

Thanks to everyone who participated, and I hope this wasn't too torturous. ;)
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Classificathon assignments are out! If you've got questions about your assignment or your request (such as "who's writing for me"), you can email me at kiarasayre@gmail.com or leave a comment here (which may be faster, actually). If you want to maintain the surprise but still ask the person you're writing for a question, just tell me and I can pass it along anonymously.

There's also now a community for the ficathon, and really any classical fics at all: classific. If the ficathon inspired you more than your assignment alone can hold, feel free to post any other classical fics you want, too. The geekier more the merrier. :D

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My excuse for not doing this sooner is that stuff got busy.

We currently have four or five people signed up for the Classificathon; that's not a lot, but it's enough for me. However, it's also recently been pimped in a few new places, and there are a few people who I'm going to work on to try to get them to sign up, so the new end of signups is this Sunday, July 2nd, with the assignments going out July 5th. The due date hasn't changed (August 15th, a Tuesday), and neither has the back-up date (August 30th, a Wednesday).

So, yes. I'll edit the original signup post, pimp that the signup date's been pushed back, and people should expect their assignments next Wednesday.


...the Classificathon!

It's very simple. I'm a geek. Many of my friends are geeks. Many of my friends have also taken Latin, or a mythology class, or are just generally familiar with classical themes. We are also big, giant geeks. (Did I mention that already?) There are simply not enough fics with classical themes or ties, and we decided to fix this by holding the Classificathon.

Quite simply, if it is related in any way to classical mythology, languages, culture, or pretty much anything else that you can think of, you can request it. If you want to read a fic modeled on Ovid's Metamorphoses, request it. If you want to read the fic wherein Jack and Teal'c have to decline nouns (Window of Opportunity, anyone?), that's amazing and educational. If you think Simon and River have an obvious Orpheus-and-Eurydice parallel, request it. Have the Doctor and Rose go back to ancient Rome, Atlantis's translators suddenly translate into solely ancient Greek, Jim and Blair go undercover at a high-school certamen, compare Fraser's life to Pandora's, anything that is classical works.

You can have up to three requests, with three things you want in the fic each; at least one of these must be classical in some way, and you can say what you don't want (i.e. no smut). Any fandom you want, though we can't guarantee any given fandom's participation. If only two people request a fandom, we hope to include it anyway and just swap requests (a good way to ensure your favorite fandom gets in - get a friend to sign up with you). List what fandoms you're willing to write, and rank them in the order you'd prefer to write them.

Also, since there's limited manpower working this ficathon (i.e. me and emhen are the manpower), we're implementing a system for notifications. If you want your assignment to be emailed to you, you have to specify that; otherwise, assignments will be posted in this journal next Wednesday (June 28th). If you don't want your request and author to be posted publicly (if you want to be surprised, or want other people to be surprised, that sort of thing), that's also an option; that assignment will instead be emailed. (We understand that this is more complicated than it needs to be, but it also means that we might not have to send every single person in the ficathon an email.)

One last thing: try to have some diversity in your requests. Whoever recieves your request might not be as much of a grammar junkie as you are, or might not be quite as familiar with the life of Catullus. If you're asking for something really specific in one request ("I want an epic-poem fic written entirely in passive pluperfect second person dactylic hexameter!"), maybe your other requests could be something a bit easier.

So, the format for sign-ups:

LJ Username:
Fandoms You'll Write:
Is there anything you don't feel qualified to write?
Is there anything you feel especially qualified to write?
Can you write a backup fic?
Do you want to be emailed with your assignment?
Do you want to know who will be writing your request?

Sign-ups will end next Sunday (July 2nd), and assignments will be distributed (hopefully!) the following Wednesday, the 5th. Fics will be due August 15th (a Tuesday, I believe), with a late-fic date of September 1st (I have no idea what day of the week that is). As of yet, there is no community, but if it gets popular enough...we'll see. Feel free to pimp anywhere you think people will be interested - I'm rather out-of-the-loop as to where to pimp. :D

So, go forth! Sign up! Pimp away! Enjoy yourselves, and geek on. :)

ETA: Everything signup-related has been pushed back a week, due to sudden social life activity. (How did that happen?!) Essentially, there is still time to sign up if you want to...and you know you do.