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Title: Astronomy
Pairing/Characters: Sokka, Suki, Sokka/Suki
Theme Set and #: Fire, 08: Star
Fandom: Avatar: The Last Airbender
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Wish it were mine...but it's not.
Notes: Thanks for sugarland31 for the beta! :D

The fire has long been reduced to ashes and embers, but Suki can see that Sokka's still awake - the moon is new, but there's plenty of starlight.

So she joins him. "What are you thinking about?" she asks quietly.

"The plan," he says. "Which is currently 'get Aang to defeat the Fire Lord before the comet comes', so it…kind of needs some more thinking about."

"We'll help however we can," Suki promises, glancing over at her fellow warriors. Their faces are unpainted for sleep; Tara is drooling, and Huila is not so much snoring as snuffling loudly in her sleep. "If we can. Being in jail for so long did a number on some of the girls," Suki admits.

"But not you," says Sokka, turning his head towards her.

"Maybe," says Suki, and looks away, towards the sky.

They sit in silence for a long minute, until Sokka says, "That's the one thing I can't get used to."

"What?" asks Suki, startled.

"The stars," says Sokka. "It was the worst at the North Pole, but even this far north, none of them are the same."

"Oh," says Suki. "I actually didn't notice." She sees Sokka's look, and shrugs. "I never really studied astronomy."

"Well, the stars are one of the only ways to navigate in the South Pole - one piece of frozen, icy tundra kind of looks like every other bit of frozen, icy tundra."

"I know some of the constellations from here, though," says Suki.


"Oh, yeah. See that one? Right there?" Suki points, extending her arm and tracing lines between stars. Sokka leans closer to follow her gaze. "That's 'Uluri the Highly Incompetent'. He went around challenging people to duels, but everyone knew he was so bad they refused to fight him, until he annoyed them so much they finally killed him."

"Oh," says Sokka. "Oh, wait, I see one too - right there. 'Hogmonkey With Rash'. The rash is that kind of blurry glow-y bit, right on his - "

"And there's 'Spilt Milk'," says Suki.

"Definitely looks like it," Sokka agrees.

"And a bunny," Suki adds.

Sokka frowns. "Not really seeing that one. It looks more like 'Tanaya, the Man with Seven Hundred Wives'. A very respected constellation from the South Pole," he adds.

"Really?" asks Suki, widening her eyes.

"Oh yeah," says Sokka. "The story is, he - "

"Had seven hundred wives?"

"Well, yeah. And died seven hundred ways at once, when his seven hundred wives found out."

"He sounds like a very admirable man," says Suki.

"Before his seven hundred wives found out, he was a very happy man," Sokka agrees. "But I think I'd be happy with just one."

Suki looks at him, but he's looking determinedly up at the Hogmonkey With Rash. She can see a faint blush on his cheeks.

"Yeah," she says. "Me too."
Tags: 50_elements, avatar, fic
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