murder of one (_seven_crows) wrote,
murder of one

Such Great Heights

Title: Such Great Heights
Pairing/Characters: Ty Lee gen
Theme Set and #: Fire, 05: Jump
Fandom: Avatar: The Last Airbender
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Oh, if it were mine.
Notes: Thanks for sugarland31 for the beta! :D

Ty Lee is the first to admit that she is not a creature of stillness. She is happiest when moving, dancing, twisting until her body is in exactly the form she wants it in.

The circus is good for her, she thinks. It offers exactly the sort of stability she wants - the kind that roams. And being on the stage, on the wires and trapezes or juggling flaming torches, she can feel the amazement of the audience - and if she can't be someone to be loved for who she is, she can at least be someone to be admired from afar.

And the truth is - and this is something she's never told anyone, not even Azula - she sometimes wants to fall. Wonders as she balances what it would be like to just jump, feel the wind and surrender to gravity.

It's not that she wants to die - she never does it, after all - but the idea of it is close enough to flying to be tempting.
Tags: 50_elements, avatar, fic
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