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murder of one

The Flight of Daedalus

Title: The Flight of Daedalus
Pairing/Characters: Teo gen
Theme Set and #: Fire, 04: Wings
Fandom: Avatar: The Last Airbender
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Mike and Brian's.
Notes: Thanks for sugarland31 for the beta! :D

What Teo loves most is flying without his goggles, going so fast that the wind brings tears to his eyes. On the really cold days - which aren't exactly rare this high up the mountain - he makes an O with his lips as he flies and breathes out, watching the vapor stream out of his mouth like smoke, and he feels like a dragon.

When they first arrived at the Air Temple, what he loved most was wheeling down its corridors, exploring every nook and crevice until he had a picture of it in his mind. There were statues everywhere, sitting and meditating or with arms outstretched, as if airbending.

One night over dinner, as his father stokes the fire, Teo says, "Do you think you could use steam to make a statue that floated?"

His father frowns, and blinks. "I could certainly try. Why?"

Teo shrugs. "We've taken so much from this temple," he says. "Maybe we could give something back. A few airbender statues that look like they're actually airbending."

His father frowns again, but Teo thinks he can see the sketches of plans in his eyes. "Well, it should be possible, with enough effort."

"Cool," says Teo, and puts his bowl in his lap. He looks out towards the doors to the main pavilion. There's a winter storm that's dying down, but it's kept everyone grounded for the past week. Tomorrow, he thinks, he'll fly.
Tags: 50_elements, avatar, fic
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