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Title: Heirloom
Pairing/Characters: Random tiny child from 1x10, Jet; Mrs. Pretty.
Theme Set and #: Fire, #01
Fandom: Avatar: The Last Airbender
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Not mine, alas.
Notes: Thanks to sugarland31 for the beta. :D!

When Tana's first daughter is born, the crib isn't done. This is no hardship for Tana; she merely puts Sha next to her on the pallet, and nestles the doll between them on top of the soft blankets.

Tana's husband protests. "Isn't she a little young for a doll?" he says.

"Mrs. Pretty is good luck," Tana says, pulling Sha and Mrs. Pretty closer to her.

Tana's husband merely shakes his head at the folly of women, but Tana knows better.

As Sha gets older, Tana begins to tell her stories. Of life under Fire Nation rule, of a green valley and a river; of how the Fire Nation never had a monopoly on evil, and of how she and everyone in the village owes a nameless Water Tribe boy their lives.

She tells of the booming clap of the explosion at the dam, and the rushing woosh of the water as it filled her home.

And when Sha is old enough to look at the old and tattered Mrs. Pretty with contempt, Tana tells of fishing her beloved doll out of the overgorged river.

Tana says, "I can only hope that she brings you the luck she brought me."
Tags: 50_elements, avatar, fic
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