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City of the Ancients

Title: City of the Ancients
Author: Kiara Sayre (_seven_crows)
Rating: PG
Summary: Romana, Four, and Atlantis.
Notes: Just posting all the fic I have that I hadn't posted before. For posterity or whatever. Crossover with Stargate: Atlantis.

“I’ve been here before, you know,” Romana says, letting her hand trace one of the walls of the city. “It was for my Temporal Maneuvering class. I always thought it was peaceful.”

“Eerie, more like,” the Doctor replies, frowning. “Deadly quiet.”

“We are thousands of metres under the ocean, Doctor.” She points her chin at one of the windows. “You can see for yourself.”

“Ah, so it is.” The Doctor frowns. “Atlantis, you said?”

“Yes. Of a sort. I believe it’s the fifth Atlantis—Pegasus Galaxy, if I’m not mistaken.”

“Ah. Never been to this one before.” He wrinkles his nose. “I don’t think I like it. Too quiet.”

“It’ll rise again. In another—ooh, five hundred years or so. Humans come, from Earth, wake the city up.”

“Wake it up?”

“It’s only sleeping.”

He watches her for a moment. “You’re enjoying this far too much, you know.”

“I just enjoy being able to describe to you the finer points of our location for once. Will you look at that.”

She is standing at one of the windows; he joins her, and looks.

“Now that is impressive,” he agrees.

A giant shape is slicing through the shafts of light coming down from the ocean’s surface.

Romana presses her hands to the glass, leaning against it to get a closer look. “A kraken, I should think. Metaphorically, that is. Proper krakens only exist on Earth.”

“Here there be dragons,” the Doctor says softly.


There is a contemplative silence.

“It’s very blue here.”

“It’s the city of Atlantis, Doctor. It sank.”

“Yes, but even before it sank, the style of the city, the architecture…very blue.”

“We’re millions of miles from the mainland of this planet. The ocean views before it sank were really quite astounding.”

“Who, exactly, built this particular Atlantis?”

“The Ancients.”

Ah. The Ancients.” The Doctor looked around, frowning slightly. “I should’ve guessed. This place even feels stuffy and uptight. Quite like them, really.”

Romana stroked one of the walls, gently. “She’s just waiting.”

The Doctor frowned in earnest. “‘She’?”

Romana didn’t meet his eyes, but he could see her blush slightly. “Well, the city is also a ship. Ships are traditionally female.”

“That’s human lore, isn’t it?”

She glanced at him, quickly. “Are you complaining?”

“No, not at all.”

They stayed silent for a moment; Romana listening, the Doctor fidgeting.

“Right,” said Romana, “where should we go now?”

The Doctor broke out into one of his ridiculously wide grins. “Now, Romana, I believe it’s my turn to take you somewhere unexpected.”

“It’s always your turn,” Romana pointed out quietly, as the Doctor went back to the TARDIS. She lingered a moment, though, and turned to the wall. “He just doesn’t appreciate you,” she said quietly. “I think he’s jealous. He has this massive compensation syndrome, you see – and he thinks his ship is better than anyone else’s.” She stroked the wall again. “I’ll come back, someday, if I can.”

The Doctor poked his head out the TARDIS. “Well? Are you coming?”

Romana turned, and smiled. “Always.”
Tags: fic: crossover, fic: doctor who, fic: sga

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