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Twenty Things We Never Knew About Aiden Ford

Requires some knowledge of SG-1 canon, or even just vague ideas, really. Probably rated about PG-13 for violence and language. Alternate title: "Twenty Things the Writers Were Too Lazy to Tell Us About Aiden Ford," because yes, I'm still bitter about that.

1. Before Antarctica, Aiden went by ‘Aiden’. Period. Well, except when he was being dressed down.

2. The first twenty times people called him ‘Lieutenant’, or ‘Ford’, he forgot to respond.

3. The first few missions SG-10 went on, Monroe didn’t like him. Then he took a staff blast for her.

4. She repaid the favor twice.

5. After everything he’s seen and been through, he’s not afraid of dying. He’s afraid of waking up afterward as a soulless junkie.

6. Aiden was in the choir at his church, and in his high school before that - he found out that it was hard to be embarrassed about anything when everyone around you knew exactly how your too-high highnotes sound. He can probably still harmonize on command, but luckily it's never come down to that.

7. It really annoys him when the Atlantis staff assume he’s innocent just because he’s twenty-five.

8. Especially since the last Goa’uld he faced was in the body of a twelve-year-old.

9. And the fact that the Marine combat units are only really brought in to kill the bad guys.

10. Aiden doesn’t know how many people he’s killed - or how many of them even count as people.

11. He knows he should care more about that.

12. Even though he’s on Major Sheppard’s team now, he still catches himself thinking of SG-10 as his team, and this as a temporary assignment.

13. No matter what Teyla says to him, the Goa’uld will always be scarier than the Wraith. Anyone who disagrees never met Serkhet, the twelve-year-old Goa’uld with a penchant for skinning people alive.

14. The Replicators are just plain wimpy. They’re oversized Lego bugs - not scary.

15. Aiden still prays every Sunday, even though he doesn’t really know who he’s praying to and he’s pretty sure it’s not actually Sunday.

16. His fiancée’s name was Penelope, but he always called her Nell, even during her eulogy.

17. His mom was Nigerian, and taught him to speak some French – mostly curse words, but those were always the best kind.

18. Especially since the look on Dr. Weir’s face when he lets one slip is exactly the same one his French teacher gave him in class when he did the same thing.

19. He’s not fluent in Goa’uld, but Aiden can still tell you to go to Hell*, just how far your head is up your own behind**, or twelve different ways to tell you to fuck off, sir***.

20. Despite the fact that, in the Pegasus Galaxy, he’s got blue vampires trying to eat his life, Teyla kicking his ass every week with her sticks, McKay bitching at him for things that really aren’t his fault, Zelenka trying to teach him Prime-Not-Prime against his will, Sheppard thinking he’s a kid every time he does something remotely immature, and Grodin trying to steal his Green Avenger comic book, the bastard, he still thinks it’s all worth it, if only for the way he can always hear the ocean.

* Ar’akshel shile Naetu – literally, “politely requesting that you go to Naetu”
** Ishni shanshu mik’ten molvera litja – literally, “your head is so far up your arse you can see your teeth”
*** The ‘all due respect’ is another twelve syllables, but if you say it with the right tone it’s totally worth it.
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