murder of one (_seven_crows) wrote,
murder of one

Paler Shade of Sky

Title: Paler Shade of Sky
Pairing/Characters: Yue
Theme Set and #: Fire, 14: Winter
Fandom: Avatar: The Last Airbender
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Wish it were mine...but it's not.

The darkness in the winter is rarely depressing for Yue; she prefers to note that the winter brings three solid months of stars. Occasionally the sky will lighten (tinge red or yellow or just a paler shade of sky), but it quickly fades away, back to the pinpoints of light.

They light bonfires where the ice is thickest, and have torches along the canals to make sure people can see and warm themselves if they need to. Yue has never needed them – even on the darkest of nights she can navigate the city. She made a point when she was younger to memorize each pathway, each bridge, and each tunnel carved in the ice; even then, she knew her duty.

The solstice approaches faster than Yue remembers it approaching the previous year, but the required ceremony is carried out and the omens bode well for the sun's return.

Yue's birthday seems so much closer, from this side of the solstice.

Hahn courts her arrogantly, and makes it clear (inadvertently) that he has no love for her. She supposes it's just as well, as she has no love for him, either. She can't imagine their marriage, despite having seen many such cold matches before; when she tries to think of her life beyond her wedding, she imagines only nothing.

Perhaps it is an omen, but for now she has her days and nights of stars. Maybe the spring will bring her some relief.
Tags: 50_elements, avatar, fic
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