murder of one (_seven_crows) wrote,
murder of one

Boxed In

Title: Boxed In
Pairing/Characters: Sokka, Toph, the Earth King, slight Toph -> Sokka
Theme Set and #: Fire, 48: Box
Fandom: Avatar: The Last Airbender
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Alas, Mike and Brian's.
Notes: Thanks for sugarland31 for the beta! :D

"Ow," says Toph.

"Good morning," says Sokka.

"Hello," says the Earth King, not particularly helpfully.

"What - " Toph sits up, and pats the floor frantically. "I can't see!"

"That would be thanks to Ty Lee's magical chi-blocking bending-undoing whatever," Sokka says. "It should come back soon."

"Oh," says Toph, and shoves herself into one of the corners of the cell, where she can at least have a better sense of her position. "How'd she get you too? I mean, it's not like you can bend."

"Apparently even us non-benders have chi," Sokka says delicately. "Also, she hits really hard. Still, at least she wasn't shooting fire out of her hands."

"You didn't happen to see Bosco, did you?" asks the Earth King.

"Don't worry, your bear's fine - it's us that's in trouble," Toph says. "Also, where are you? It's kind of disorienting, actually being blind."

She hears footsteps, familiar enough that she doesn't flinch away when Sokka puts a hand on her arm. "I'm right here."

"Oh," says Toph, and looks away so Sokka won't see her blush. "Well. Good."

She hears the slide of cloth on metal, and a quiet thud as the angle of pressure on her arm changes; Sokka's leg brushes hers, and Toph thinks he's sitting next to her. "No worries," he says. "We'll just wait until you've got your metalbending mojo back and bust out. Piece of cake."

"This is worse than the desert," Toph mutters.

"Only this time without the cactus juice," Sokka says longingly, and sighs.

"Desert?" asks the Earth King.

"Long story," says Sokka, at the same time that Toph says, "Don't ask."

Toph taps her toes against the floor, then sits up. "I think I'm getting something!"

Sokka sits up straighter too, and leans forward, planting his hands next to him. It's more like the desert than normal, or like someone throwing a pillow on the floor, but Toph can sense it.

She stands. "Guys, I think we're in business."
Tags: 50_elements, avatar, fic
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