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See · the · sunlight · in · her · song

Though it won't all go the way it should, I know the heart of life is good...

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Awesome weekend!!!!!

We got so much accomplished and had so much fun!! Friday night we got some take-out from Cheesecake Factory, which ended up in a funny event... I ran in while C waited outside in the car, but apparently she was in the valet area.... So they made her move.... And I had only grabbed my wallet, not my phone.... I emerge from the restaurant and she's gone! I wait a couple minutes to see if she'll pull around.... Nope..... I realize I have no phone..... I wonder if I should just continue to wait there in the cold.... I check inside to see if she parked in the garage and came in... Don't see her.... Then, my salvation!
I see a young lesbian couple on a date!!! Saved by the dykes! So I go over and ask if I can borrow a phone because my girlfriend dropped me off to get take-out and I left my phone in her car... The girl smiles and hands me her phone.... The wallpaper on the screen is Angelina Jolie! Hot. Hilarious. Just as I am dialing, Cecilia comes up. So then I morph into a middle-aged soccer mom (as I am prone to do) and say to Cecilla, "Oh, there you are! This NICE LADY was just letting me use her phone!" I say have a good night to the couple and we go.

Yes, I said "THIS NICE LADY" about the borderline butch dyke who was probably about 20 that let me use her cellphone. After I walked away they were probably like, Hmmm... I thought she was gay when she said girlfriend and then she said "this nice lady" and it threw me.... hahahaha Nice work, Brit.

So we enjoyed our delicious take-out and had a nice quiet night at home. Watched Grey's Anatomy that we didn't watch on Thursday (we chose the musical Scrubs and 30 Rock instead), we both cried because it was a sad episode.

Then on Saturday Cecilia worked until after lunch time and I finished the last batch of the Save the Date cards (for Cecilia's mom's side of the fam) and then lazed around until she got back.

Then we took a nap and headed out to do more wedding registering!!

Registered at Bed Bath and Beyond, where they have EVERYTHING. Started to reconsider our decision not to register for china... Not crazy fancy old-person stodgy china, but this stuff they're calling "casual china." We saw a couple designs at BBB that we liked, so we shall see...

Then over to Macy's becuase we thought our silverware had been discontinued. Turns out it wasn't! BUT Cecilia found some we had not seen before....by KATE SPADE!!! And it only cost a dollar more per place setting than the one we had picked out before.....AND we both loved it....AND each untensil is stamped in the back with the signature "kate spade" HOLY CRAP am I excited about this!!!!!! So we changed the registry :-)

Saturday night, once again relaxed at home.

Sunday morning, C hit the gym and I hit the laundromat. Then we cleaned the apartment!!! Which we have been meaning/wanting to do. Then just hung around until dinner time when Ally came over for tacos!!

All in all a GREAT weekend.

Here's hoping the work week won't be too painful.

Happy Monday, everyone!
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Good morning.

Of course Cecilia is at work today, and I just woke up a half hour ago, and have been sitting at the computer ever since. There are many things that I could accomplish today while she's working, I just haven't yet decided what those things will be....there are many to pick from.

I just realized though, I should enjoy this Saturday morning because starting a week from today, I will be in class at this time. Woah. I will be in a class. It's kinda crazy. I am looking foward to it, though.

Wedding planning is moving right along. I met with one florist. She was ok. I think I am just going to make our archway for the ceremony myself, because this one woman (who is considered an affordable florist) was going to charge $250 for one, and it was not even nice! So I can't imagine what a really nice one would cost somewhere else. The thing is that I am really not motivated to be searching out and making appointments with florists. I'm just not up to it. I'd rather be working on something else for the wedding. So we'll see. I'm going to see if I can find some local places and go from there.

My invitation supplies are in, but they are waiting for me at my mom's house. I had them shipped there because it was UPS and UPS requires a signature, and we are at work, and they can't get in the building, etc etc.

So I am really looking foward to getting the stuff next weekend to see how it is!

Today we have to go change the one registry we did because a bunch of the stuff we registered for got discontinued! Including the beautiful silverware we loved so much!!!!!!!! So we're going to do that and also do our second registry, so that will be out of the way.

Right now, I kind of just feel like laying down in a big blanket and watching tv....

It's supposed to be incredibly windy today, making it feel super duper cold. Not looking foward to THAT.

I would like to make some more icons for my livejournal now that we have the new computer and I actually can, but I feel like I have no idea what to make them of.

We will see.

Alright, I guess that's enough rambling for one morning.

Have a nice weekend.
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It's Saturday morning at 10, and I am dressed, made up and ready to go. Just waiting for the groceries to get delivered.

Last night we bought our new computer and printer!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today C is working, then she has a hair appointment. I am thinking that after the groceries get here I will MBTA it to my dad's house and then C will meet up with me later to go to my mom's. That way I get to see the family and we will still have all day tomorrow completely open -- for installing and playing with our new computer!!!!

It's so exciting to have a new computer!

Also on this weekend's agenda is to call Comcast and harrass them into lowering our bill :)

Once the new computer is all set up, I can finally make new userpictures!!! You see, my computer ATE my paint program, so I have nothing to make user pics in. Although now that I think about it, I could probably use a combo of photobucket and my digital camera program, but whatever.


That's all. Have a lovely weekend!
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Our first appointment with a florist is next week! Once we pick a florist, all of our major vendors will be booked. So fantastic.

Don't get me wrong, there will still be tons to do, hahaha, but all of the BIG things will be taken care of.

I just ordered the materials to make our invitations, which should come in soon, and then I'll start working with those.

We went to see Dreamgirls last week, which we really enjoyed. Really great performances. Then the next night we watched The Devil Wears Prada, which I only Netflixed because Meryl Streep is in it, but we both really enjoyed it! It was very fun to watch.

Tomorrow....we are buying our computer!! Finally :)
And the rest of the weeked is still a mystery. Now that it's tax season, C's working Saturdays, and we don't know how late she'll work, so we're not sure what we'll be up for.... I'd like to try and see some family since I haven't seen anyone since Christmas, I'm just not sure the best way to go about doing that. So we will see.

And......I guess that's about it.
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Good stuff!

So I had been having a hell of a time trying to get registered and everything for my first class at BHCC, and I called to find out the best time to walk-in -- when it's the least crowded. I was told Fridays were best, so I took the morning off work and headed over there.

I got EVERYTHING done!!!!!!

I am enrolled, registered, paid AND I have my books!

I am totally ready! My class starts in a few weeks :)

And tonight, C and I are going to see Dreamgirls!
Tomorrow we are going to Salem to drive around, enjoy the fabulous weather that's predicted and scope it out a possible future home, so I am really excited about that.

Sunday we'll probably relax.

So I am in a good mood today -- hooray!!

In other news, Deval Patrick is now officially the governor of MA. I have high hopes about him. In response to this whole mess with the Gay Marriage Ban (which I do not even want to talk about because for the first time in several days, being upset about it is not completely consuming me), he says "This fight isn't over."
I have faith that he will do all he can to stop it. And I just hope that will be enough.

Thanks to modern day technology, I was able to watch his inaugural address while at my desk yesterday on the computer. It was very inspirational. He's such a dynamic speaker.
He said a lot of very big things and set a lot of lofty goals. It was actually suprising to hear so much "promised." I'm really looking foward to seeing what he will do. And hoping and hoping that he doesn't just seem different -- that he really is.

Happy Friday, everyone!!

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Alright, time for an update.

2006 in Review:
I don't even know what to say about last year, hahaha. It was a total blur of stress and planning and stress and excitement and stress.
The entire year was pretty much consumed by moving to Boston and the wedding plans.

The horrible apartment search, the actual move, adjusting to Boston.
We became officially engaged and told our families.
Started officially planning the wedding, and booked most of our major vendors.

It's hard for me to remember what things were like specifically between C and I at the beginning of 2006, but I will say that I know we have been completely comfortable in our relationship this year and we definitely know who we are together -- whether or not this happened in 06 or before I don't really remember though.

So yea -- Goodbye, 2006, you big blurry mess of craziness, hahaha.


New Years Eve was spent in Brooklyn, Little Italy and The Village in NY with C's best friend and her friend's brother. The evening had its ups and downs, but over all it was a great time ringing in 2007.

I've been going nuts lately trying to get all my crap together to start my first class in Early Childhood Development, and just realized that the semester starts three weeks later than I thought it did, so that will help me IMMENSELY in getting everything done in time.
The registration process has been so incredibly frustrating. I can't wait for it to be done!

This weekend, I have no idea what we are doing... I know C is taking her GMAT for grad school, but I don't know what else....

Oh, Christmas. Man, it's been so long since I updated here!
Christmas was overall really great and C and I had a wonderful time.

I will leave you with these fabulous photos of us from New Years Eve :)

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Haven't updated in so long...

We rang in the New Year in NYC with Kate. Not Times Square -- The Village.

Things are good. Soooo happy to welcome 2007. I think I'll do a year-in-review as per usual soon.

Just wanted to pop in for a second.

* * *
I am in full Christmas mode. I have one more person to buy for, and then I am DONE shopping!

Everything I have bought is already wrapped and looks beautiful -- tonight I am getting the ribbon I need to finish it all up.

The apartment looks really cute. We hung up stocking and all the Christmas cards we've been getting.

It's been fun.

Things are pretty good.
We've some ups and downs with trying to figure out when the condo purchasing can happen -- going back and forth about whether or not we can do it next year. So that was a little stressful and emotional for both of us because we really are unhappy with our apartment -- it's a fine place, it's just a very large step down from what we had in Pittsburgh when it comes to many things (parking, laundry, stairs, neighborhood....the list goes on and on....).

This weekend is going to a fun one. We are acting our age and going out tonight AND tomorrow night.

Tonight meeting up with one of C's friends who's going on a pub crawl, so we'll go to a couple bars.
Then tomorrow night dinner and concert with Mike and Taylor!

Should be a really fun weekend, and I cannot wait for it start already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just do not feel like sitting here doing boring work!!

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My work day is going to suck ass.
* * *
Work day is almost done...

Cecilia's away on business, it was a last minute thing and it kind of sucks. At least it's not for long.

I'm heading over to register for class tonight...I have to take a placement test. How amusing.

We decided to scrap the Scotland honeymoon for many reasons. I think International Travel will not provide us with the level of relaxation that we will want after the wedding. And really my only "wants" for the honeymoon are that it is romantic and relaxing. And we can have a romantic and relaxing time here in MA withought spending $3,000.

So we are looking at Provincetown because they have some great places to stay, and then we would get to be like newlyweds and tell everyone that we're on our honeymoon because Provincetown is the gayest place on earth.
I found this one hotel I really like..... We'll probably book soon.

The big thing is that not going to Scotland should help enable us to buy our condo sooner rather than later. Which is a good thing. Because our apartment/neighborhood has really turned out to be a big step down from our gorgeous place in Pittsburgh in one of the city's best neighborhoods.

I think I'm going to wrap a couple Christmas gifts tonight....
* * *
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