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The Past Two Weeks = [Trying+Stressful+Dramatic+Relentless] In…

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The Past Two Weeks = [Trying+Stressful+Dramatic+Relentless]

In almost entirely unrelated news, The Wedding = < 5 months away.

The list of things I have to do between now and then = Really Freakin' Long.

The good news here is that I completed a very important task after I emerged from my 2 weeks of hell, and that was creating a prototype of the invitation and response card wording, complete with lovely font and perfect size/spacing.
I still would like to create an alternate version, and then pick one.  But it is a huge feat to have one done, done, done.  Because even if I didn't create an alternate, this one would work.  

This is also an important step because it signifies my re-entrance into wedding planning.  I had done nothing wedding-related from January-April (aka Tax Season aka When We Have No Life) other than the occasional day-dream and invitation-wording-tinkering.  Then, suddenly it was May, the wedding was a mere 5 months away, and I needed to get in gear!

Here's hoping that from here on out, I will be "on a roll."

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This week(end)/next week will be our road trip to visit friends, relatives and inlaws.  In our path is our former home of Pittsburgh.  There will be haunt-visiting and reminiscing and surreal-ness by the truck load.

Hopefully in our travels there will also be a healthy dose of rest and relaxation, quality time, snuggling, and romance.  Yes, along with the friends and family and in-laws.  No, I'm not crazy.  Just optimistic.

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On May 26th, 2007 11:48 pm (UTC), _overthetop_ commented:
i'm sorry you're so busy. :C(

i think next weekend is this weekend 'cause I'm reading this late ((lots of things happening...if you'd like to know you can read my last entry)). So i hope you are enjoying your relaxing time. :C)

hope to see you soon.
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