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So today I have decided to get proactive. I will not let boredom take…

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So today I have decided to get proactive. I will not let boredom take me down!! I have had some work to do, which has helped. But mostly I've been entertaining myself by keeping the music pumping, and updating profiles and whatnots on some of my online accounts (livejournal, afterellen, the knot, etc).

And now, I will talk about television shows.

American Idol
Well, it kinda sucks this year.
I like Lakisha. I love Melinda. But neither of them is going to win. Out of the two of them, I would like Melinda to win -- but she won't. And I don't think she would have much success if she did. She's probably go the adult-contemporary route...which is basically a dead end. Look at Taylor Hicks.
At this point, I'm feeling like the only person who could, would and should win -- and would then do well for him/herself -- is Jordin Sparks.
She proved last night that she can do something other than corny ballads. She was a pop star last night. Was she wearing a ridiculous outfit? Yes. Was it a flawless performance? No. But the judges had a good point, which is that she has really improved over the course of the show and is showing versatility. And she is absolutely marketable. So I think maybe I'll be putting my support behind her. We'll see.

If it were up to me, tonight Chris, Chris, Blake, Sanjaya and Haley would all go home. They all either bore me to tears, just plain suck or both -- except for Sanjaya, he doesn't suck, he's just nowhere near good enough and has no chance of being a successful pop star. I would normally include Phil Stacey in that list -- but he was actually good last night, so I'd let him stay one more week.

I almost don't know why I'm still watching. I guess it's because I just can't wait to see how it's all going to play out -- Who will go home when? How super-gay will Blake be? Will Melinda ever hit a sour note? What practical joke is the hair department going to play on Sanjaya this week? Will Gina ever wear an outfit that isn't a total disaster? How short will Haley's outfits get?

Anyway, who I think will actually go home tonight... I think the bottom 3 could be: Chris Sligh, Haley, Lakisha/theOtherChris. And I think Chris Sligh is going home. Or maybe Haley.

The L-Word
So the season finale was this week. And I really enjoyed it!
I think that Phyllis and Max probably won't be back. I'm totally cool with Phyllis leaving - she came, she had her story line, she's done now (maybe she'll have fun future cameos a la Joyce Wischnia). Max I have mixed feelings about. I love having an FTM character on the show, and Grace and Max together are totally hot, but.... I really feel like the writers dropped the ball on Max. It all felt completely forced and contrived. And Daniela Sea's performance left a lot to be desired for me. So if there's no more Max, I'm cool with that. Besides...


The seasons are only 12 episodes long... There simply isn't enough time for all these story lines!!!

Anyway, back to the finale -- I really liked it because they didn't do what they did last year: big jaw-dropping shockers that they then took the easy way out of in the next season. It's a cheap trick, and insulting to the audience. I hated Bette kidnapping Angelica, just for her and Tina to resolve their custody issues in a 2 minute scene at the start of Season 4. STUPID. I hated Kit being pregnant. She just got an abortion. It turned to be, like, a non-issue. It was just used as an excuse to talk about abortion rights for 1.5 seconds. A note to L-Word writers: you don't have to discuss every single women's issue under the sun...you're only one show!!
So I was really glad to see that the season finale wasn't filled with wild stunts. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next season with Helena stealing Katherine's cash (and hope we never have to see annoying Katherine again). And I love Jenny Lost At Sea -- as long as next season doesn't open up with her being washed up on some desert shore, with voice-overs of her talking all "writer-y" about evisceration and loneliness and pariahs.

I loved Paige and Shane in this episode (and um, the love scene was beyond hot), and I would be really looking forward to them figuring out their relationship (it seemed like Paige was having MAJOR second thoughts), and possible having a nice mature break-up....but from what I hear, Kristanna Loken is not coming back next season. So this makes me wonder if it will be some afterthought, like "Hey, Paige and I broke up" ...and onto the next thing!

Kit and Angus make me mad. I love Kit and I loved that this season she had actual scenes and dialogue in which she said things other than "Hey Girl!!," but I just don't like what they've done with this story line! Why have Angus cheat on her unless you're gonna get rid of him? Why not have Kit handle the break-up like the strong, kick-ass woman she is instead of having her fall back into addiction and need to be saved by Angus, the loser who cheated on her???

Papi - I hope next season we can have less Papi and more Eva Torres. And she looks gorgeous with her hair loose instead of in braids. She could grow on me.

Tasha - she cannot die. I mean, seriously! Are we really going to have TWO of Alice's ladies die??? Not cool. I would like to see her maybe get injured and come home. That I can deal with. And I really don't want to see her get discharged for being a 'mo becasue then she'll spend all of season 5 being angsty and depressed and I like her better when she's happy and cute and sexy :)

Alice - I just love her. When she got stuck on that thing on the roof and called out "Leave me! Save yourselves!" I could have peed. Hilarious. And adorable.

Tina - Go ahead, sleep with Kate Arden if you really want. I just don't care about this storyline and therefore don't want to see any of it on my screen.

But it seems clear that we are headed for a Tina & Bette reunion...

I'm cool with that, as long as things with Bette & Jodi have time to take a natural course. And my dream would be that Jodi stays on as a regular cast member and became part of the group. I was really bummed this season when she barely interacted with anyone but Bette.

And....I guess that's everything??

Oh, except: Dana. I was not one of these people who thought that killing off Dana last season was the worst possible thing that The L-Word could have done. I was sad to see her go, and I cried like a baby, but I was okay with it. Seeing her come back made me realize what an asset she was to the show, what a great actress Erin Daniels is, and how GORGEOUS she is. But I liked how they brought her back. I think it made sense, and it worked.

That was fun :)
And I have successfully used up a good chunk of time.

After work, C and I going to pick up our new car!! So very exciting! We will no longer be carless!

Okay, back to "work"
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