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See · the · sunlight · in · her · song

At work. Killing some time before lunch to build up my hunger.…

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At work. Killing some time before lunch to build up my hunger.

Weekend wrap-up:
-- Finally tried Thai restaurant in our neighborhood. Tasty. World's most awkward waiter. Inexpensive. People watching? PRICELESS
-- Had major public transit issues trying to get to my class (and midterm) Saturday morning. The line of the T I take to class was down, and replaced by shuttle buses -- which were fine....if you could FIND THEM.
-- WE BOUGHT A CAR! It's so cute and almost brand new and we got a great deal!!! We pick it up tomorrow, and I can't wait!
-- Went out to eat with C and my dad, where the waitress was hot for my dad. Endless amusement.
-- I didn't get my super-fun patent leather shoes, but I DID start buidling an absolutely fabulous spring wardrobe at H&M. Got GREAT stuff. Felt elated.
-- Got to stroll through the city in some lovely weather with C.

This week Cecilia is working more normal hours, which is AMAZING and allows us to spend much more time together.
We watched the season finale of The L-Word last night, which I mostly thoroughly enjoyed. I was glad to see that they did not do a repeat of last year and end with a ton of ridiculous over-the top cliffhangers. I am really looking forward to the next season!
After the show, I gave Cecilia a surprise I've been harboring for a while (waiting for the right moment!) - an autographed picture of Jennifer Beals. She was THRILLED and I felt like a million bucks. It's hard to come up with gifts for Cecilia that she will be over the moon about -- and I found one!!!! So that was fun.

I will end with these random notes:
-- I bought Amy Winehouse - Back to Black. And I'm in love. There are one or two songs I'm not nuts about, but overall love love it.
-- I want to go on vacation.
-- Work is boring.
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