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go, go, go, go now.....

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So it seems as though I've come down with some sort of cold.... What a bunch of crap.

The spring weather still has not managed to pull through, and I am getting anxious. It's time!!!

I ordered some really gorgeous shoes for the wedding that I'm really in love with, but I'm worried that they may fit weird and not be comfortable... I'm going to have to wear them around the house to test them out. I will be really sad if they're not comfy and thus have to be returned. Because they're beautiful. I love them.

....and also because I have already spent most of the money that I put aside in the "Wedding Shoe Fund" hahahaha. See, I had starting putting a little bit of money aside here and there in case I found the perfect wedding shoes and they ended up being like $300. But then I found the shoes that I ordered -- and they were only $52! So the little bit of money that I had already put aside started burning a hole in my pocket.... And I spent $125 on two really fabulous purses....
So I really just want the shoes to work out.

And I also want to splurge on some fun-colored patent leather shoes for spring. Because that is one trend that I am in love with. I don't do trends unless I really dig them, and I am all over this bright colored patent leather thing!


In other news, we are going to try to buy a car this weekend. Which should be interesting. Could be stressful. Hopefully this cold-thing won't get worse. I can't imagine it would make car shopping any more fun.
I'm still kind of in disbelief that our car is dead dead dead, and that we have to buy a new one. Crazy stuff.


I just found out that Tori Amos is releasing a new album May 1st. It's called American Doll Posse. I am crossing my fingers and saying a silent prayer that it's going to be fantastic. Her last album.....I have never actually been able to listen to every single the whole way through. I just plain didn't like it. So I'm really hoping this will be Tori "I've still got it!" album. The song titles sound very promising. It also has like 20something songs!!
She's announced European & UK tour dates....hopefully she'll come to the states after!!!! I would LOVE to see her again, and Cecilia has never seen her, so that would be amazing.


I guess that's the news for now. I just sat here staring at the screen for a moment, trying to think if I had anything else to share....but I don't think I do.
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