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See · the · sunlight · in · her · song

It's been a long time coming...

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Over a month since my last post


It's March, aka my least favorite month. It's a depressing time. The weather is wacky, I'm sick of winter and Cecilia works constantly.

Our Monday-Fridays have been tough lately with Cecilia working, work being boring as hell for me, and with me feeling down-in-the-dumbs due to March and all that it brings.

But there has been lots of good stuff too!

A couple weeks ago we spent a whole Saturday out and about in the city with no plans, just the intention to have fun. And we succeeded!! It was a really great day.
We've really been taking time out on the weekends to spend time together and have fun.

And we can allllmost see the light at the end of the tax season/winter tunnel!!

But the latest news is....
Our car has died. Deader than a door nail. Dead.
So now we have to buy a new car.....which is not exactly in the budget....but luckily we will be able to pull it off.
This happened yesterday.
It was a rough day...

We both took a personal day, dealt with car mess, hit up the liquor store, and hunkered down for the big snow storm!! And big it was! Lots of snow out there right now. Sooo crazy since early this week it hit 70 degrees. If we could be back to 70 degrees by this time next week, I'd really appreciate that.
K? Thanks.
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