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I have new musical love. John Legend. I had heard/loved…

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I have new musical love.

John Legend.

I had heard/loved a couple of his songs, but now I've gone purchased his albums. They are really fantastic. I'm so in love with this music!

And I just found out that he is coming to Boston on tour with Corinne Bailey Rae!!!! I almost can't contain my excitement!!! Two artists I adore in one concert -- I've never actually been to a concert where both the opening act and headliner were artists that I'm a huge fan of, so I'm really looking forward to it. And what a great match up! I'm hoping they'll collaborate on a couple tunes...

Cecilia has been working very long hours, and lots on the weekends. It's hard, but we are adjusting. It's helpful for me to have my class on Saturday morning. Keeps me occupied for a few hours that I would otherwise be at home alone.

The class is going very well, too. I really like it.

Work is more of the same. I'm not sure if I already posted about it, but I got my review...it was excellent and I got a raise! Not much, but every little bit helps :)

This Friday night...Ra Ra Riot concert! We'll get to boogie down with Miguelito, which will be exciting.

Oh, and...John Mayer won Grammys and his performance of "Gravity" made me weak in the knees..... Three of my favorite artists all on one stage together -- it was almost too much! hahaha.

Happy Valentine's, everyone :)
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