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Updates, updates.... Today is quite possibly the longest, most…

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Updates, updates....

Today is quite possibly the longest, most boring day in history. I feel like I have been at work forEVER.

In good news, I won a shawl that I bid on on ebay in hopes of wearing it for the wedding. It was shipped out today, so I might get it tomorrow :) I cannot wait to see it! Hopefully it will be perfect.

I also won a Vera Bradley lunch box that I'm super excited about. Yay for winning on ebay!!

The weekend was pretty good. Had my first class, which went really well. And it looks like I will definitely enjoy it.

Visited with the family and got invitation supplies which had been delivered to my mom -- they are BEAUTIFUL, so I'm really happy about that. Soon I'll start working on the invitation prototype!

In other assorted news.... I already feel ready for Spring. I'm tired. Cecilia having to work late sucks. I have discovered a love of cooked broccoli. I want to buy shoes. I can't stop eating today.

End, day. Please fucking end!!!!!
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