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Diru Fans, pay attention! [21 Jul 2006|11:45pm]
[ mood | sympathetic ]

Legend says that if you fold one thousand paper cranes, someone's wish will come true.

Regardless of that legend, if people from every corner of the world were to make their own wish, and those wishes and their names, and countries were written on each crane and sent.. how much would that mean?

Note: The band could use a little encouragement.
Why?: Following the release of the album Vulgar, and the drop out of their usual and noted Visual Kei image, Dir en grey have gotten the short end of the stick. Now, there is a difference between Foreign fandom and Japanese fandom. Most of you will remember the critism that ensued over the loss of the kei image, as well as the crowd surfing ban. Go, [JrockNYC] and his reveiws at the current time, as well as his extreme outlook, are a perfect example of how bad it was in Japan as opposed to the US and other countries.
The state of decline in Dir en grey's fanbase was rapid and vicious, fans were reported to have sent the band letters demanding that they break, reviewists wrote Kyo off as 'tone deaf'. A huge percentile of fans were lost. And lyrics like this [R to the Core-Vulgar album] were lost on the few loyal, and the ones who'd turned.

Lyrics: Kyo Music: Dir en grey

You're the one that's stupid.
You're a pig; acting all honest
but you hide your true self.
Can't hear anything. Can't feel anything.
This is a place of contradiction.

My heart screamed out,
you make fun of me
like you make fun of my dead left ear.

I know everyone isn't like that,
but I can't accept everything.
So I still, even now scream out in a hoarse voice
to all you rotten people...

There is an answer,
so writhe in agony
and let your will to live come out.
Everyone's the same once they sin.

Almost every song on the album speaks of betrayal and is an obvious ploy at
it. Fans accused them of selling out. The fatalistic approach continues
right down to Saku. Dir en grey appealed to the foreign fans after Vulgar,
for most obvious reasons.
A recent supposed message from Kyo to the Japanese fans:

my voice is dead
my heart is dead
my emotions are dead
my heart is dead
there's no one inside me
rather than living with a smile

.... =\

Myself and my friends are working on a project, we'll be folding one
thousand paper cranes. We'll send them to Diru, to show our encouragement, and approval.
Please, anyone who wants to help, all you have to do is give the following to be written on the cranes ( e-mail at FilthyWarumono@hotmail.com ):

Wish for Diru:

Thank you for your time and please, get the word out.

; my soul does thirst for you

Friends Only [01 Nov 2004|04:38am]
[ mood | chipper ]

Comment to be added, but if I am not already acquainted with you, do please make sure we at least have some common interests. Otherwise, I generally accept requests. <3
(6) fall on their knees to pray ; my soul does thirst for you

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