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Prototype Playlist - 04:23:09

Orphx: Pre-Dawn Haze
L'Ombre: Revenant
Liar's Rosebush: Erase (All Things Conjoined)
Tapage: Much Like A Dream
Monstrum Sepsis: Doors & Windows (Mimetic Remix)
Pneumatic Detach: Grenadier (Arrhythmia Remix)
Endif: The Answer
Ad.ver.sary: Just (Spooks)
Uberbyte: Aeon

Uberbyte: Soma
Nolongerhuman: End Times
Grendel: The Judged Ones
Aesthetic Perfection: The Great Depression
Icon of Coil: Love As Blood
Faderhead: TZDV *R
SAM: World Of Shit
Memmaker: Death Comes (Rotersand Mix)
CombiChrist: What The Fcuk
The Break Up: My Machine

Meh. I was happy with the opening set (as that's the stuff I primarily listen to these days), the later one I seemed to be suffering from distraction or A.D.D. as the mixes came off (at least to me) feeling a bit forced; round pegs in square holes. Oh, well. I won't beat myself up over it, it was still a fun and good night. We had rock stars in the house, a break dancing crew and I got to watch some cute girl flirt and dance with Sev (who's very naughty by the way). Ha!

I was glad to see people finally start to wander in later in the evening, I was getting worried. Whew.
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Prototype Playlist - 03:26:09

9:00 - 9:45
Totakeke: Euthanasia
Marching Dynamics: The Spoor of the Wolf in the Wet Earth
Peirrepoint: Rowboz (Motion Restart)
Cleen: Believe
VNV Nation: Darkangel
Covenant: Fuzzy Logic
Apoptygma Berzerk: Beatbox
Agonoize: Chains of Love (CombiChrist Remix) (R)
Prometheus Burning: You Know What You Are

12:00 - 12:30
The Myriad Form: Her Void (R)
Aesthetic Perfection: The Great Depression
Memmaker: Deception
Soman: Absolution
Daniel Meyer: Mean Machine
CombiChrist: Anatomy
Nolongerhuman: End Times

Thanks to everyone who came out and made this months PROTOTYPE as successful as it was. Make sure to come out again next month, April 23rd for another release party; this time for CrunchPod recording artist, UberByte and their new album, "[DOS]".

Also, mark your calendars for April 9th when I'll be spinning a guest set at MECHANISMUS and if that wasn't enough, and infinitely way cooler than me spinning music is that THE BREAK UP will be performing their debut show! Don't be lame and miss out!

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Prototype Playlist - 02:26:09

Marching Dynamics: Going Under
Pneumatic Detach: Holowh
Marching Dynamics: Bizingo Datura
Displacer: Arroyo
Broken Fabiola: Japanese Call Girl (Dirty Inside Mix)
Neutral: Blue Paper (A Neutral Mix)
Architech: St. Vodka (Mother Russia)
Talvekoidik: Such a Perfect Day
Marching Dynamics: The Apparition Speaks

Memmaker: Death Comes (Rotersand Mix)
Soman: Mask
SAM: Syntax Error
Distatix: Medication
Essence of Mind: Original Poser
Combichrist: Give Head if You Got It
Shaolyn: Face Down
Northborne: Brutal
Noisuf-X: Hit Me Hard
Reaper: Shes a Devil and a Whore

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Car Crash Set

10:00 - 11:00
Combichrist :: Electrohead
Soman :: Noise Anthem
VNV Nation :: Chrome (22.7 Mhz Mix)
Miss Construction :: Fuck Me Too
Noisuf-X :: Hit Me Hard (Hit Me Fast)
KLOQ :: Never Said
Essence of Mind :: Here to Play
Ayria :: The Gun Song (Essence of Mind Mix)
Covenant :: Go Film (Hard Version)
Seabound :: Traitor
Cylab :: Dented Halos (Interface Mix)

12:00 - 1:00
Grendel :: Harsh Generation
Tactical Sekt :: Not Going To Work That Way
Aesthetic Perfection :: The Great Depression
Memmacker :: Deception
Soman :: Absolution
Daniel Meyer :: Mean Machine
Combichrist :: Anatomy
Northborne :: Brutal
Uberbyte :: Stand Up (For Uberbyte)
Modulate :: Buzzsaw
X-Rx :: Feel the Fucking Bass
Combichrist :: Fuck That Shit
Reaper :: She's a Devil and a Whore

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seraphim (opening set):
Ah Cama-Sotz :: Prologue/Sakrahl
Mimetic Fake :: You Failed Me
S:cage :: Residual
Broken Fabiola :: Japanese Call Girl (Dirty Inside Mix)
Ad.ver.sary :: Just (Spooks)
Flint Glass :: Zotz (Tzolk'in Mix)
This Morn' Omina :: Taliesin
Talvekoidik :: Such A Perfect Day

Rosetta Stone :: Venus in Furs
Din[A]Tod :: Creation Crucifixion
Auto Auto :: Shadowlands
Fad Gadget :: Swallow It
Combichrist :: Intruder Alert
The Creatures :: Exterminating Angel
Scandy :: Touch It
The Presets :: My People
Blaqk Audio :: Stiff Kittens
Ashbury Heights :: Smaller

seraphim (late set):
Grendal :: Harsh Generation
Tactical Sekt :: Syncope
Aesthetic Perfection :: The Great Depression
Memmaker :: Deception
Soman :: Absolution
Daniel Meyer :: Mean Machine
Combichrist :: Tractor
Uberbyte :: Stand Up (For Uberbyte)
Modulate :: Buzzsaw
C/A/T :: [We Make] Music to Piss You Off
Broken Fabiola :: Everlasting
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My set list from last nights PROTOTYPE (12/11/2008).

Electronic Substance Abuse :: Tasting Nails
Architect :: Get The Bastards Away
Totakeke :: Euthanasia
Talvekoidik :: Such A Perfect Day
Pneumatic Detach :: Grenadier (Arrhythmia Remix)
Memmaker :: Sneaking Through the Totalitarian Filter
Combichrist :: The Kill (Instrumental Version)

Electronic Substance Abuse :: The Sea and the Silence (Pt.1: The Sea)
Northborne :: Brutal
Shaun F :: Drty Fkn Dsko
Modulate :: Buzzsaw
Noisuf-X :: Orgasm
Tactical Sekt :: Xfixiation (SITD Remix)
Glis :: Disappear (ReCourse Mix)
God Module :: Victims Among Friends (Suicide Commando Mix)
Aesthetic Perfection :: The Great Depression
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