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Stiffness aside, sometimes falling asleep on the couch has its advantages; being that our windows face the East to the rising sun which fills the room with its light and wakes me with it. I woke early enough to drive out to Lake Washington to walk along its shore, to sit and mediate to the sound of its gently lapping waves; to feel the warmth of the suns rays. To become centered and present in the day.

After spending some time looking out across the waters, I climbed back into the car and headed out to Best Buy in order to buy Sky a flash drive; can you believe that these are required in sixth grade now? While there I couldn't help but purchase one of the newly remastered Beatles CDs, Rubber Soul, which is probably one of my favorite of theirs. I was feeling nostalgic, what can I say? While listening to it on my trip back home, the convertible top down, I was visited by a remembrance. A memory of a time over which my mom and I actually bonded over something, the love of The Beatles. I remembered how we both used to look forward to waking up early enough on Sunday mornings so we could listen to "Breakfast with the Beatles" on the radio. It was worth a spontaneous $12.99 for such a good memory to return. I regret that she was a lost soul, but I cherish those moments that she was present and I was able to share in them with her.

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