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Bats Day, 2009. We four, Shane, Valentina, SeVerina and I all descend upon the happiest place on Earth with about a thousand or so other darkly clad beings. Of course in order to do this, we first had to make sure we had some food in our bellies; so we tracked down a Denny's and had our fill of breakfast food goodness. Denny's. What about it makes it so good? Not on a regular basis mind you, but when you are on vacations and road trips and such? It's always so strangely comforting.

Being that we purchased twilight passes, we arrived at the park shortly after four, well after the initial rush or people. We put our things in a locker and huddled for a plan of attack upon the park and it's many rides. Since this was Shane's first trip to Disneyland, we had to make sure to hit all the best rides; though sadly, one of the best, Indiana Jones, we heard was closed (luckily later it re-opened). First up was Space Mountain, then the Matterhorn, the Mad Hatter store, Big Thunder Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean and then while on our way to the Haunted Mansion we wandered the back streets of New Orleans where we enjoyed a Mint Julep. Yum and "I Do Declare".

Now since a few hours had passed between breakfast and the time that it was, we all agreed that we were hungry and wandered across the park to one of the few eateries that offered gluten free yummies. SeVerina was indeed in the happiest place on Earth as she ate her cheese burger. It was quite an event and perfectly timed as she chowed down and fireworks were going off in the background. I dare say that it was an epic event if ever there was one. As we ate, my cell phone vibrated with a text message. It was Noah asking where we were and to hurry over to the Haunted Mansion to be in the final Bats Day picture, he was holding up the line for us. Aw! We're special (and most likely much hated by those waiting). Earlier, our riding of the Haunted Mansion was foiled by the ride breaking. Boo! So after riding a newly fixed ride with Noah, a Bats Day first for me, we quickly made for the other side of the park, as the hour of closing was quickly approaching. Shane, Valentina and SeVerina rode Star Tours (it always gives me a headache) while I waited outside and freed my feet of their leather torture devices.

While making our way down Main Street and out of the park, we ran into Karen and Coleman who convinced us (which wasn't too hard) to join them in a midnight Sundae. Ice Cream! It's a perfect way to end the day!

Thank you Bats Day!

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