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Not so much a rabbit hole as it was a maze that we were in...or such was the Anaheim Sheraton Hotel...or maybe it was just us. "Where's our room again?" "Do you remember how to get our room?" "I think it's down this hallway over here." "No. Wait..." "Why are all the rooms and hallways so yellow?"

Being that Shane had ducked out the previous night in order to hang with his peeps, Sev and I woke to a room all our own and what does a couple do in a hotel room all on their own? Why order room service of course! Ha, ha! Severina and I decided that what the hell, it's our anniversary weekend...why not enjoy ourselves? We rang up room service and ordered a hearty breakfast which we enjoyed while sitting around a wee table by the window; which was touching because it reminded me of our post honeymoon breakfast, only cheaper and without the Snoqualmie Falls in the background. Once the food was devoured and we were properly dressed and ready to be seen, we meandered downstairs to the Black Market and all our Bats Day friends; this was around noon of course. Sheesh. One thing I can say though is that sharing a hotel room is not always a good thing when it comes to alone time. Ha. Ooops.

Severina and I wandered the Black Market and eyed its numerous wares; I think in many cases we might have drooled a little. We made promises of returning because alas, it was time for The Break Up to do their sound check. Straight away, after the sound check was finished, we jumped right back into The Black Market where this year it seemed to overflow into room after room after room. There were tables full of glorious, dark and devious goodies everywhere we seemed to turn. It was beyond our control, really. This urge to pick up a few items. It was nice to actually be able to do so. Previous years we only allowed ourselves the pleasure of window shopping. We picked up streampunkish bracelets, a hand-crafted dream box, a tiny, circus style hat (which Sev wore during her performance) and a few other curiosities.

After filling our bags, we three wandered the hallways and banquet rooms that held Bats Day: The Dark Park Festival and its many, many spookilicious attendees. I don't know what exactly to put it down too, but quite frankly, this was one of, if not the best Bats Days I had ever attended. We bounced around and hugged friends as we made our way back through all those crazy hallways and to our room where bottles that should have read, "Drink Me" on them awaited our return. More drinking was enjoyed and dinner was ordered via room service while the Break Up made themselves ready for the stage. Tic-toc-tic, they were the opening act and quickly running out of primping time. Rushing downstairs only to find that they had been pushed back five or ten minutes. Whew. Just enough time for another wee little drink. Finally it arrived. The Break Up took to the stage and captured the ears and hearts of all in the room. Between you and me, aside from Babyland, they were the best act on the bill.

Two bands later and it was my turn to do what I had come to do, which was to lay down some hard, stomping beats; and I delivered. I was elated when I looked up to see a floor full of people dancing away as hard as they could. I was told afterward that during a lighting malfunction, where all the house lights unexpectedly came up, a poor girl exclaimed, "Aw! Is that it? Is it over?" Which is just as I felt as I spun the last song of my half-hour set. It was a bitter sweet ending because while I wanted to continue, Babyland was the next band to take the stage and I wanted to see them.

Drunken and ready, I jumped into the fray that was the mosh pit; for a short time anyway. Half way through the set, Sev, Valentina and I left to find other kinds of amusement; which came in the form of sitting in the foyer talking to Ian, Becky, Penance, Jenzie, Mr. Hexed and accosting Robert with "take us to the nearest Sonic burger damn you! And don't give us any of that, they're closed nonsense!" We watched and laughed as Shane contorted himself on the floor in attempts to massage his own foot.

As the night winded down and people became more and more scarce, we moved our party back up to our oh too yellow room where we tumbled, giggling, even a little further down the soft and fuzzy rabbit hole.

The whole night. The whole Bats Day event was a much needed thing and full of experiences that I'll always look back and smile upon. I loved seeing friends who I hadn't seen for a few years. I loved traveling deeper into the inner chambers of the heart with Severina as we lounged around in the lateness of the hour surrounded by our friend family.

Next up...Disneyland!

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