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Home again and rested after falling down the rabbit hole into that strange and bizarre land known as Hollywood, California. While I do miss all our friends and extended family, I must say that it's good to be home back in Seattle; even if it did greet us with rain instead of open arms. Home, where our saying of, "I'm not from here" wont work and our world is a little less yellow based in its colorization.

Friday morning we woke from a restless night of sleep, both Severina and I were like children on the night before Christmas; who can sleep the night before such excitement begins? Hollywood. Cat & Fiddle. Shopping. Friends. Bats Day. Disneyland! We were packed and ready to go, chomping at the bits. Perhaps too ready because we arrived at the airport a little bit too early, so we sat and waited while sipping coffees and watching Shane compose airport music on his laptop. We watched slightly amused as the Jet Blue hostess played a trivia game with the waiting travelers where they guessed answers and clamored for prizes of free headsets for their trip. Eventually their fun ended and we boarded the plane and approximately three hours later we were walking out onto California ground. We were received warmly and lovingly by Valentina where hugs flew in every which direction. Too much time passes between visits with her. Of course as true Seattleite people, our first stop was to get coffee before grabbing such supplies as money and alcohol; all our bottles should have read, "Drink Me" as that's just what we did and as soon as possible.

Now it was only but a momentary pit stop at the abode of Valentina so we could freshen up before heading off to Hollywood. Once there, the first order of business was to visit a taco stand so that we could satiate our collective cravings for taco's before then proceeding to shop for boots and a garter for the most beautiful Severina, both of which were found and acquired (now to convince her to wear them at the same time and nothing else. Heh). Again piling back into the car, the four of us then headed off down the street to Amoeba records where I instantly became like the kid in a candy store; ah, music selection, how I've missed you. I could have spent more but I limited myself to just a few: the Das Bunker compilation, "Brighter Than A Thousand Suns", Cenotype "Origins Unfold", Seabound "When Black Beats Blue", Supreme Court "Keep Calm + Carry On" and Zentriert Ins Antlitz "". A good purchase by any standards. Next stop was the dearly missed Cat & Fiddle where we were joined by Lars and his girl. We shared good conversations over various meals of pub food and drinks and time passed all too quickly because before we knew it, it was time to go get our stomping on at Das Bunker.

Das Bunker. Who were all those people? Outside of the usual suspects that of course included the DJs and promoter, Sev and I recognized and knew close to none of them. Perhaps it was a bad night? The music seemed both "dated" and "safe", if you know what I mean; so not the Bunker I had come to know. They even shoved the Noise room into the far back room downstairs, as if hiding their shame. I sigh now. *sigh* While we didn't stay as long as we had originally planned, it was good to at least run into and say hello to those we knew.

After our disappointing trip to Bunker, we traversed the many freeways to the Anaheim Sheraton Hotel. Once there and checked in, we went up to our room and made a few cocktails before crashing for the night. The big day after all was to start the very next morning. The big day of The Black Market and a promising performance by none other than THE BREAK UP and a floor shaking set by DJ Seraphim. Ha, ha!

And then there was Saturday where we played with the Mad Hatter and tumbled even further down the rabbit hole...

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